6 Fun Outdoor & Indoor Activities for Kids

There are endless activities for you to do with your children while stuck at home. For example, crafts with kids, bike riding, playing with toys, fun with sprinklers, and the list could go on and on. While there are tons of fun ways to keep your kids entertained at home, they might be getting bored of the same old, same old, so we gathered 6 new ways to keep your children entertained while staying at home. Read on to learn more.


1. Create a Toy Obstacle Course

Out of all of our indoor and outdoor kids’ activities, this one is probably the easiest. Over the years, it is easy to accumulate various toys and games but why not play with them in a different way? Go into the game room and bust out those old toys and games for a new activity. The toy obstacle course is all about taking the toys your kid’s may not be excited about anymore and making an obstacle course that can be run, jumped or spun through. Our suggestion is for you to set up the obstacle course the first time and once they get tired of it, let them move the toys to create an obstacle course of their own! This is a great way for them to get their energy out and use their creativity.


2. Go Geocaching

Geocaching is like a huge outdoor treasure hunt that you don’t have to set up! The process is simple. Just create an account on geocaching.com and then scan the map for geocaches near you. Take your kids along for the hunt and make it exciting. Maybe even dress up for the occasion. We have heard that hunters, pirates, and princesses alike are all great treasure hunters. Once you have discovered a cache, just sign into website to date the logbook and then feel free to take the treasure you find but put back something in its place. This way the next person has something to discover as well. Keep things sanitary by bringing along hand sanitizer and disinfectant for when you find a treasure. Other than touching the treasure, there will be no interacting with other people in this fun activity.


3. Build a Backyard Bonfire

Whether you have a fire pit or not, this idea makes for a great family night. This is also an awesome opportunity to teach your children how to build a fire and fire safety. Once you have built your fire, whip out the s'mores, hot dogs or whatever you like to cook over the fire and have a bonfire feast! Next, let the show begin. Have a talent show where everyone shares a talent they have been perfecting or you can all tell stories (scary or not-so-scary). You won’t believe the stories your kids will come up with. Don’t forget to bring your camera so you can snap pictures and catch some of the moments on video. Make these memories last a lifetime.


4. Make a Sensory Bin

A sensory bin is great for younger kids. It is simple to make and can utilize a ton of different household items while also teaching them motor skills. You just need a container such as a basket, tub, bucket, storage bin or otherwise. The next step is to fill it with a base. We suggest sand, water, rice, small rocks, or anything else you have at home. And then top everything off with small toys, beads, number blocks, plastic animals and more. Then mix it all together and you can either let your little one play on their own or you can play with them by asking them to dig through the bin to find certain things.


5. Give Each Other Makeovers

Makeovers are so fun and can be fun for all ages. As far as indoor kids’ activities go, this one is always a hit. Whether you want to do imaginary makeovers with just a hairbrush and clean makeup brushes or go all out with color hair spray, makeup, and a fashion show, this can be a great activity to pass the time.


Get everyone involved by making it a family night and giving it a theme! Choose a movie that your kids love and then let them give each other (and you) a makeover to match a character. When the makeovers are over, turn on the movie to see how accurate the transformation was.


6. Create Your Own Masterpieces

There are so many different crafts for kids. Between water coloring on a piece of paper, to dot art, coloring pages, and more, there are a plethora of simple ways to create masterpieces. But it’s time to think out of the box. Crafts like jewelry making, bird feeder creation and box crafts are all super fun ways to keep your kids entertained and to have the satisfaction of making something to show off at the end of the day.


Jewelry making is simple with only beads and string/yarn but you can jazz things up with these tips. Between safety pins, noodles, nail polish and felt, there has to be some creative way you can encourage your children to make cool and unique jewelry.


Bird feeder creation is as easy as 1-2-3 with this guide to a simple birdhouses. These all use household items to make sustainable bird feeders.


Box crafts are ideas for using those boxes you have laying around for some imaginary fun! This website has some great ideas for making boxes into toys. Don’t let those boxes from online shopping go to waste.


All these ideas are great ways to engage with your kids and/or keep them occupied while you are working from home. Give them a try and let us know what you think!



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Published 7.18.20

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