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Top 5 Reasons to Buy New Construction in Dallas

Thinking of buying a new construction home in Dallas? You’re in good company. With more than 400 people a day moving into Dallas' and nearby Fort Worth's new homes, the Dallas metroplex is poised to move from the fourth largest US urban area to the third, surpassing Chicago. What accounts for its explosive growth? Year-round great weather, consistent job growth, rising home values, and affordable cost of living are just the beginning. Wherever you want to be in the Dallas metro area, whether its Frisco, Forney or Fort Worth, there’s an extraordinary Pulte neighborhood built with you and your family in mind. If you’re thinking of building your next home, here are the top five reasons to buy new construction in Dallas.


Geography and Climate

One of the reasons that Dallas has been able to expand to meet the ever-growing influx of newcomers and companies is the relatively flat topography of the city. Because it is not limited by mountains or other natural elements, new suburban and exurban areas continue to develop beyond the city proper, expanding and growing into metro areas in their own right (think neighboring Fort Worth). That makes new home construction in the Dallas area the best way to find your ideal home in your favorite neighborhood.

Whether you’re a young family looking to enjoy year-round sunshine or a retiree seeking to escape the snowy winters up north, Dallas’s mild winters and hot summers are a welcome change. You’ll get a taste of all four seasons without the weather extremes of other metro areas. That means that you can take advantage of outdoor living on one of the area’s 60 lakes or 50,000 acres of public parkland. It also means you’ll want to include outdoor entertaining space on your home search wishlist.


Job Growth

Job growth is high and unemployment is low as new employers continue to flood into the desirable DFW region of Dallas and Fort Worth. This is not your parents’ Dallas, dominated by a single dominant industry. Everyone from manufacturing to tech to financial services is calling Dallas home, including companies like Toyota, Samsung, JP Morgan Chase, Kubota, McKesson, and NTT Data International.

Amazon is currently looking to expand its footprint here as well, with multiple distribution hubs in the metro area and more on the way. In fact, 22 Dallas-area companies made the 2018 Fortune 500 List. With a variety of Pulte neighborhoods surrounding the Dallas and Fort Worth city center, you can focus your search on those with the most convenient commute to your new office or corporate campus.



Because it is not constrained by a small, centralized downtown business district, the cost of living in Dallas continues to be more affordable than in most metro areas. The rise of smaller residential markets surrounding the city, places like Frisco and McKinney, provide a variety of options no matter what your budget or commute. And because Pulte builds in communities throughout the Dallas metro, including the Fort Worth submarket, you’re sure to find a new home in the enclave of your choice.



Dallas’s growth has been driven in large part by young families, and the sense of community and recreational options they crave has helped to inform the development of neighborhoods, schools, and infrastructure. You’ll find communities that combine the best of small town living with proximity to the big-city entertainment, artistic, and educational venues of Dallas-Fort Worth.

With almost a quarter of the best schools in Texas located in Dallas, you’ll have your pick of great school systems. And Pulte is everywhere you want to be, with neighborhoods in some of the best school districts in the state, including Frisco, Allen, Prosper, Northwest, Keller, Celina, McKinney, and Wylie. That means you may just find yourself within walking or cycling distance of some of the country’s best schools, so that your family can be more involved in academics, clubs, and sports.


Home Values

Home values in Dallas are on the rise, and the influx of new companies and new residents mean their upward trend should continue for the foreseeable future. Buying now is the best possible investment you can make, allowing you to build equity not just with your mortgage payment but with your home’s increasing value year after year. And when you buy a newly constructed home, you can rest assured that you are getting the newest and best materials and appliances for maximum value.

Neighborhoods in the Dallas area are among the best places to live in the country, and new construction in a Pulte neighborhood puts you right in the heart of the action, in areas like McKinney where we have desirable communities like The Vineyards, Erwin Farms, and Auburn Hills. When you buy a new home in one of these great areas in the Dallas metro, you’re making an investment in your family and their financial future.


No matter what draws you to Dallas -- beautiful weather, promising economic outlook, or small-town friendliness with big-city amenities -- a new construction home in a Pulte community can help you enjoy more of what makes this city extraordinary. Start your search ;today! We’re here with the locations and options you need to find the home that works for you and your family.


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Published 8.17.19

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