5 Design Ideas for a Walk-In Shower

Walk-in showers are synonymous with easy living and luxury. New home builders can customize walk-in showers to create the ultimate experience in relaxation and cleanliness. Whether you’re thinking of buying a new home or want to upgrade your existing home’s bathroom, consider these 5 layouts for your next designs:


Glass-enclosed Shower

Eliminate barriers between spaces to create a bright and airy bathroom with a glass-enclosed shower. Light flows through glass, creating an invigorating shower experience and a calming space for you to relax. Glass also allows for a versatile design; add to the door, create glass walls, or completely customize with a curved shower. As a bonus, shower glass is easy to clean making it easier to keep your bathroom sparkling clean.


Inspired by Nature

Bring elements from the outdoors into your walk-in shower design. A wood floor and wood paneling transform the shower into a spa. Or, choose a shower tile reminiscent of river stone or pebbles. Add a wooden bench or a skylight to let in the natural light or place a plant on a shower stool and flowers outside the window to feel more aligned to nature. With different nature inspired additives, you can feel comforted and connected to Mother Nature in your shower.


Round Showers

This new trend in luxury shower design makes a visual statement. Round showers are often paired with glass walls for maximum impact. And, with their curved design, the space can also feel larger, give you plenty of room to scrub down.


Black and White

Why not go for a classic shower design using a black and white color scheme? It’s a throwback look easily modernized through the tile choices, bath fixtures, and layout. Create a customized pattern with the tile layout or select classic subway tile for a clean look. Be bold by creating an all-black shower. Choose an elegant shower splash using a white marble with black veins. As you can see, the black and white scheme has endless possibilities.


Skip The Door

Another trending walk-in shower design: who said you needed a door? Besides skipping the cleaning time, this design eliminates any need to step over a barrier designed to hold a door. Without a door, the bathroom appears more spacious. Open door walk-in showers can be designed as a three-wall alcove or as a wet-room, with the tub in the showering area.


Walk-in showers are versatile in their design while being safer to use for practically everyone. Their popularity lies in their adaptability. Walk-ins can be compacted into small spaces, or transformed into spacious, spa-like retreats. They are easy to clean and made with durable materials. So whether  you are looking for a restful space to relax at home, or just want a bathroom that is more visually stunning, talk to your new home builders about adding a walk-in shower to your home and enjoy the ultimate in upgrade bathrooms.



Contributed to Your Home blog by Casey McKenna-Monroe

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Published 9.21.2020

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