5 Ways that Modern House Plans Make Your Life Easier

Today’s top quality home builders recognize the need for convenience and efficiency and many of them build thoughtful features right into their beautiful home designs. Here are five ways a modern house plan can make your life easier:


1.  Flow -  Attached kitchen and living areas unite food preparation with entertaining.

2.  Flexibility - Extra spaces are used as home offices or additional living space.

3.  Relaxing Spaces - Master suites offer privacy and a quiet place to unwind.

4.  Less Work - Second-floor laundries eliminate lugging baskets down the stairs.

5.  Organized - Specialized spaces and hobby rooms keep project messes contained.


Why House Floor Plans are Important

House floor plans are graphic instructions for building a house. They're a scaled-down diagram of a home's layout, in smaller proportion to the completed structure. They represent a home's design and how it’s constructed. Here are a few reasons why they're essential:


  • These plans put dimensions on paper to help prevent fatal miscommunications between homeowner and builder. When you have a house floor plan, everybody is on the same page even in the earliest stages.
  • A floor plan is a tremendous space-planning tool. Getting an overhead visual of the flow of the home is crucial because it lets you see how your family and belongings will fill the space. You can assign bedrooms, figure out where to store things, and how to arrange your furniture.
  • If you're selling a home, a basic floor plan of your existing home is an excellent marketing method. Use software to draw it out and give it to potential buyers as a handout. It will provide you with a sales edge because buyers mentally assess their options when determining which home would be most suitable for their family. A printed plan of your home helps buyers visualize how your home fits their needs, thereby improving your chances of a sale.


Open Floor House Plans

Today’s modern home designs are almost always open floor house plans. The spacious layouts help you to utilize the square footage in your home better. Instead of rooms that are closed off by walls and doors, you get an expansive area to live - without sacrificing storage space. An open floor plan flows smoothly from room to room, between the kitchen, dining, and living areas.


Open floor house plans also give you lots of natural light, creating bright and airy rooms. Large windows bring the outdoors inside, and high ceilings add dimension to the space. In the colder months, fireplaces glow in the living room, filling common areas with warmth and comfort.


These types of homes usually consist of a great room (sometimes called a gathering room) tied directly to an open kitchen. The houses are spacious and informal, beckoning you to relax and join the conversation. Open floor plans also build convenience right into the design. Easy access, logical layouts, with functional features well-positioned where they're needed. Things flow in a modern house plan--it's almost like enjoying all your rooms at once.


Today, modern home builders are replacing walls with space and making homes more efficient and useful. Open floor plans provide room to move, room to entertain, and room to enjoy your family.


Floor Plan Design Ideas

If you're interested in researching new homes, there are many sources of custom home floor plan design ideas. Here are a few of them:


  • Builders - If you build a new home, your builder will likely provide a variety of floor plans. You may also have the option to customize those plans to make your new home uniquely yours.
  • Online - You can find floor plan design ideas online. Pinterest is a great place for design inspiration, and some websites specialize in floor plans. Most times, what you find can be customized to suit your needs or to accommodate your lot.
  • Magazines - A more traditional source of ideas are magazines. Check out Custom Home and Luxury Home Design magazines for floor plan designs. Some issues of decorating magazines like Southern Living and Sunset will also have floor plan design ideas. You can pick up these publications at your local library, grocery store, or check your local book retailer.
  • Software - If you want to create your floor plan, there is software available. You can digitally create your space to get a feel for what you need.


Want to try creating some of your own floor plans? Visit the Pulte interactive design center.



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Published 10.1.19

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