More Life Built In

At Pulte, we build our homes with you in mind. Every inch was thoughtfully designed to best meet your family’s needs making your life better, happier and easier. Simply put, you can do more in a Pulte home, because we’ve built in all the ways to get more out of life.


We build homes with innovative working-from-home spaces. From dedicated home offices to enhanced wifi from a fiber network with gigabit internet speeds where available, working from home just became much more productive.


A place for everything. Pulte homes are built with storage spaces exactly where you need them to maximize every inch in your home.


Being home doesn’t have to be boring. Flexible indoor and outdoor gathering spaces allow you to continue doing the things that bring you joy.


Make online schooling a success by minimizing distractions with dedicated learning areas where kids can focus and get to work.


Our homes have unique features to help make life easier like water filtration to reduce contaminants and non-porous countertops to facilitate cleaning.


Skip the crowded gym and monthly fee. A basement or bigger garage gives you the space to workout from home and stay fit in your private home gym.

Innovative Designs to
Get More out of Your Home

Pulte Homes are designed with solutions for today’s challenges. Every square foot and detail were created so you can do more from a Pulte home with built in features to get more out of life.


Dedicated Office Space

Working from home is a whole lot easier and productive when you have a designated office to spread out, with all the important features like hardwired, reliable internet, USB charging outlets, and ample storage.

Enhanced Wifi

Superior Wifi helps to minimize gaps in coverage. No more being stuck in one room to get the best internet signal.

Hardwired Internet Outlets

Hardwired internet outlets help to deliver strong, consistent connectivity so you can stay focused on your work not your Wifi signal. Plus, most communities include a fiber network that provides fast, reliable multi-user internet needed in homes.

USB Outlets

Ditch your adapters for dedicated fast charging USB outlets to create a clutter-free charging station and free up traditional outlets for other devices.


Outdoor Living

Expand your living space outdoors with backyard patios. Our backyards have enough space for fun features like a grilling station, firepit or outdoor furniture sets making this the perfect place to wind down at the end of the day.

Home Theater

Space for a movie room with hardwired internet to stream movies and you can deck out with special seating so your family can avoid crowded theatres without giving up the fun of a movie night.

Finished Basement

Deck out the room with pool tables or other games, a bar wine rack and you have your own private place to safely entertain.


Non-Porous Countertops

Our quartz countertops are highly scratch resistant and designed for easy cleaning.

H20 Filtration System

A house Water filtration System helps with the removal of chemicals, sediment and other contaminants for cleaner water to every faucet in the house.

Touchless Faucets

Control your faucet without touching to help reduce the spread of germs on faucet handles - one of the germiest spots in the house.

Hospital Grade Air

Hospital level air filtration system helps to remove particles like dust, mold, bacteria, viruses and other contaminants throughout your home.


Learn-in Bedroom

With extra space for a desk, your child's bedroom can double as a study room.

Pulte Planning Center

The Pulte Planning Center is a dedicated multi-use workspace right off the kitchen so you can make dinner and keep an eye on the kids while they do homework.

School Room

Loft Spaces make great at-home school spaces for multiple kids.

Basement Study Hall

Turn your Basement into a study hall or classroom and keep the school supplies contained out of sight.


Oversized Pantry

Oversized kitchen pantries work overtime in the home making it easier to stay organized and stock up on the things you need. Make fewer trips to the grocery store with plenty of space for bulk grocery items and free up countertop space by storing small kitchen appliances.

Tandem Garage

A garage designed with a third space is a perfect spot for storing bikes, tools, holiday decorations and a second refrigerator for the bulk grocery overflow.


Large Home Gym

Skip the monthly fee. Your basement has the space to be your private home gym to safely stay in shape.

Garage Gym

Whether it's a weight rack, kickboxing bag, or yoga mat - with extra garage space, you gain a home-gym without losing a parking spot.

Making the Future Feel Right at Home

Pulte Homes has built a living laboratory showcasing the latest advancements in sustainable new home technologies that focus on energy efficiency, healthy living and smart home technology. Located on Innovation Way within Babcock Ranch, these modern model homes explore how homeowners will live in the not-so-distant future.

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