Living in Minneapolis

You may not know much about Minneapolis -- you may not have vacationed there or traveled through on the way to somewhere else -- but beyond its “Minnesota Nice” reputation, there’s a lot to love about this beautiful and cosmopolitan city. Find out why relocating to the Twin Cities may just be the right move, and what it’s like living in Minneapolis.


Minneapolis Lifestyle Guide

Minneapolis dates from the mid-19th century when it was settled primarily by Scandinavian immigrants. It still pays homage to its Nordic roots through hygge: the on-trend lifestyle movement that emphasizes minimalist style, coziness, and comfort. In Minneapolis, you’ll find lots of Scandinavian design influences, history, and food styles. Uff da!


Minneapolis Attractions and Amenities

If you’re a public radio listener, you are already familiar with Minnesota Public Radio, home to Garrison Keillor’s A Prairie Home Companion show. Indeed, throughout Minneapolis, you’ll find an emphasis on the arts and the area’s history, with scores of museums and performance venues.


It’s been said that Minneapolis has more theater seats than New York City. While that may be something of an urban myth, it’s true that Minneapolis has a thriving theater district, with performances you’re sure to love. The Minnesota Orchestra has their own Hall downtown and the stunning Guthrie Theater is the largest and most beloved venue in town. Here you’ll find everything from Shakespeare to Steel Magnolias, with performances offered year-round.


Special events include the Aquatennial Festival in July, the Holidazzle parades in December, and the Loppet Cross-Country Ski Festival and Races in February. The Minnesota State Fair is one of the largest and most exciting events of its kind in the country. It occurs in late summer and offers you the opportunity to rub elbows with 1.7 million of your friends and neighbors over its 12-day stretch.


Minneapolis Job Scene

The Minneapolis job scene is thriving thanks to the large number of corporate campuses based here. Target is a Minneapolis company, as is General Mills. In fact, Minneapolis boasts 19 companies on the Fortune 500 list.

Minneapolis consistently ranks among the best places in the country for job seekers, with a strong job market and an unemployment rate that sits well below the national average. Here you’ll find a strong demand for workers in construction, leisure/hospitality, and manufacturing.


Cost of Living in Minneapolis

The cost of living in Minneapolis is generally favorable compared to the national average. While housing and transportation are slightly more expensive than elsewhere, groceries, health care, and utilities tend to be below the national average. The one exception is heating fuel, which is quite pricey due to those long Minnesota winters.


One major benefit you’ll find if you’re thinking of buying a new home in Minneapolis is that it has eleven distinct neighborhoods, each with its own character and subculture. That means that you have a variety of options for your housing dollar, and each offers distinctive beauty and unique amenities.


Minneapolis has a good public transportation and light rail system. This may help you keep your transportation costs low and provide you with more options when it comes to neighborhood choice and commute times.


Minneapolis Climate and Weather

The number one thing you may be concerned about is weather -- just how cold is it? The good news? You get a fairly good balance of warm and cold weather. You can expect five months of winter, five months of summer, with one month each of spring and fall. The bad news? When it’s cold, it’s cold.


You can expect your long winter to stretch from November to April with temperatures rarely rising above freezing. You’ll experience several feet of snow and below-zero temperatures at times.


How do you survive the long, cold winter? Here are some tips:

  • Be prepared. Ensure that you keep a stocked pantry and that you don’t get behind on your grocery shopping. Invest in long underwear and quality outerwear to stay snug. You will also want to consider good boots and even snowshoes -- yes, people here really do wear them.
  • Learn how to properly care for your car in the winter. Learn how to install tire chains, how to start your car without flooding it, and the best way to ensure your car is properly warmed up before you drive away. Be sure to keep an emergency kit and warm blankets in the trunk, just in case of a breakdown or delay.
  • Get out and move! You’ll feel better if you get out and get some sunshine. Learn about cold weather activities like cross country skiing, ice skating, broomball, ice fishing, and even dog-sledding. Life in Minneapolis could open you up to a whole new world of sporty possibilities.


There’s so much to love when you live in Minneapolis. Check out the Twin Cities neighborhoods where Pulte helps you live your best life with all of the amenities and conveniences you want and expect.



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Published 8.20.19

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