How Pulte Is Digitizing the Home Buying Process

The old-fashioned way of buying a home is being transformed by a host of new technologies and platforms. Pulte is at the forefront of this revolution in the home buying process, creating both an online home loan process and online home buying process that saves time, money, and frustration. By digitizing home buying, Pulte helps you take the stress out of your new home purchase.


Stress-Free Online Home Loans

Applying for a mortgage used to be a time-consuming and tedious process. Filling out endless stacks of application paperwork, then gathering a wide variety of paper records, setting up informational phone calls, and meeting in person with a mortgage lender meant hours spent seeking loan approval on top of the already time-consuming process of home searching, home inspection, and other aspects of home buying.


Pulte Mortgage Portal

The Pulte Mortgage portal offers you a fast, convenient way to apply for your home loan. Create your initial application and a Pulte mortgage specialist will contact you to set up a phone call with your loan officer in order to review your application information.


In order to further streamline your loan processing, you'll have the opportunity to review and sign your loan disclosure documents electronically. That means never having to attend an in-person meeting or shuffle paperwork back and forth through the mail.


All of this convenience doesn't come at the cost of optimal customer care. You'll have access to specialists at every stage of your home buying process, offering advice on everything from special programs and benefits to homeowner counseling resources.


Pulte is committed to offering more transparency and greater simplicity throughout every aspect of the lending process. With technological innovations like a loan status dashboard, automated asset verifications, and hybrid electronic closings, Pulte creates changes that benefit all of their customers -- not just their own bottom line.


New Home Loan Partnerships

In order to provide the best possible processes and outcomes to our customers, Pulte has partnered with some of the biggest names in the financial tech industry to provide digital solutions to some of the most problematic aspects of the home buying process.


Through a partnership with Finicity, a financial records verification platform, Pulte can access up to two years of bank, brokerage, and 401k data within minutes. That means that instead of finding, recreating, copying, and scanning paper verifications of financial information, your Pulte loan processor can verify the information quickly, easily, and seamlessly. That can save up to a week over a traditional mortgage verification.


Another strategic partnership with Paymentus, an industry-leading customer engagement and mortgage payment platform, allows Pulte mortgage clients to make mortgage payments quickly and easily from a computer or mobile device. Input your financial information once and streamline your monthly mortgage payment for maximum convenience.


As Pulte continues to digitize the entire process from initial application through monthly mortgage payments, Pulte customers enjoy a faster approval process and a more secure platform for all of your most sensitive financial records. Offering both convenience and security makes these digital solutions a game-changing approach to your most important financial needs.


Streamlining the Post-Purchase Experience

Pulte Mortgage continues its commitment to homeowners even after the closing, with a variety of resources and informational platforms for homeowners along with a customer care call center to answer specific inquiries.


We know that you’ll continue to have questions about property tax payments, income tax deductions, private mortgage insurance (PMI), and other aspects of mortgage management and home ownership. That’s why we offer a variety of resources, including glossaries and live expert assistance, to help you get the answers to your most pressing and important after-closing questions.


In addition, Pulte continues to provide stellar service after the sale Including refinancing options and customer assistance programs. Pulte’s commitment to the military is part of this service, and active duty service members are encouraged to contact Pulte to explore their rights under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA).


Find out what it's like to work with a company committed to creating practices that make your life and your home buying process more convenient and more successful. Create your account and take your first steps on the road to home ownership.



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Published 1.29.2020

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