5 Easy Ways to Pack for Moving

You have hoped and planned and saved and it is finally time to start packing for the move to your new home! While it is an exciting time, you are probably a bit concerned about the big move. How can you make it easier and how much is it going to cost? Well, whether you are moving to a Pulte home or not, we want to help you with great advice for making moving day easier than you ever thought possible.


Making Moving Easier

When you were younger, you probably threw a few things into the back of a friend’s pickup, got a couple of willing helpers, and bought pizza for everyone afterwards. But moving into a new home -- especially with kids and pets in tow -- takes coordination and planning. Lucky for you, we know all the best strategies to make packing and moving easy and to help you save time, money, and sanity!


Use Bubble Wrap

It may seem self-evident, but using good packing material like bubble wrap is a must for a successful move. And don’t skimp -- using more bubble wrap will cost less in the long run than a box full of broken dishes or a shattered TV or computer screen.

Did you know that all bubble wrap is not created equal? It comes in four standard sizes, according to the size of the bubbles themselves. You’ll want to use:

  • Super-small or Small size bubble wrap for very small, very fragile items like decorative pieces, fine china and glassware, and for larger items that require extra protection.

  • Medium size bubble wrap for larger items or less fragile (but still breakable) items.

  • Large size bubble wrap as filler or as a buffer between two items.


Go to Your Local Grocery Store for Free Boxes

Check with your local grocery store or other retail store for free boxes. During store hours, check in with the manager and ask if you can take some of their shipping boxes. If the store is closed, go around to the back of the building -- you’ll often find a stack of boxes near the freight entrance. Look for heavy-duty boxes by noting the label. Boxes that are made to ship heavy bottles or jars are often thicker and sturdier than those that ship chips or other lightweight items.


Make a Survival Box

To ensure the smoothest possible move, you will want to pack a survival box. This is a box that is set aside from the rest of the packing boxes and contains those items you’ll need first upon arrival in your new home. Here are some thoughts on customizing this most important box.

  • Consider using a covered plastic bin for your survival box to ensure that the contents will not be affected by weather conditions, leaks, or other damage.

  • Be sure to include necessities like medications and pet food along with items that will make the first night easier, like your child’s favorite stuffed animal or blanket.

  • Consider creating a survival box for each member of the family. Include the following:

    • Needed medications, inhalers, or other medical supplies

    • Clean nightclothes and a clean change of clothes for the day after moving day

    • A favorite book, toy, or other comfort item

    • A favorite snack

    • A favorite coffee mug for the parents

    • Clean sheets, towels, and toiletries.

This way you can ensure that everyone goes to bed on their first night with a clean body, a clean bed, a full tummy, a good story, and the promise of breakfast (and coffee!) in the morning. Not bad for the end of moving day!


Label Everything

Do not just write “Books” or “Dishes” on the moving box. Write the room the box goes in as well as a detailed list of what is in the box. So instead of “Dishes,” you would write “Kitchen: gravy boat, casserole dishes and lids, trivets, salad bowls.” That way, you can move heavy boxes to the appropriate part of the room before unpacking and you can prioritize the order of unpacking. After all, you would rather unpack your flatware before your gravy boat, right?

If you want to make it even easier (and more fun), color-code your boxes or get stickers to differentiate boxes for each room. Use Disney characters for the living room, Star Wars for one of the kids, and My Little Pony for another. That way you can tell at a glance if a box ended up in the wrong room, and where it belongs.


Take Pictures

To ensure that moving day is as easy as possible, you will want to give yourself a little extra security. Here are a few of the things you should be capturing with your (timestamped) phone’s camera.

  • Take pictures throughout the home you are leaving in case the new owners or the landlord claim there was damage following the move. This is especially important in getting back your security deposit if you’re leaving a rental or in avoiding a delayed home sale closing.

  • Take pictures of expensive items in case they go missing or are damaged during the move. For art pieces that require perfect condition to retain their value, you will want to take photos from a number of angles. For electronics, you will want to take pictures while they are turned on and operating, so that if they no longer work you can prove the damage was caused during the move.

  • For your home theater or audio system or for a desktop computer setup, take pictures of the back of the system so that you can see where everything plugs in and connects. This will save you a great deal of time and frustration when you are setting up in your new home.


While it requires a bit more time and planning, you will find that these packing and moving tips will make for an easy move and an easy transition to your new space. Count on Pulte to make every move you make a good one!



Contributed to Your Home blog by Christy Murdock Edgar

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Published 6.7.18

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