2022 Smart Home Security Guide

Why should you buy a smart home? Well, there are a lot of reasons to consider a smart home purchase, but, one of the most important reasons is security. From smart home cameras and locks to a smart home security app that helps you find all of your tools in one place—smart home security is truly the way of the future. So read on and lean more on how you can improve your home security with a smart home security system.


Smart Home Security Devices Overview

There are plenty of smart home devices that can help you improve the security of your home. These are just a few devices to consider.


Smart Home Cameras

Newer to the world of smart home devices, smart home cameras can serve multiple functions. From helping you monitor a baby room to checking in on pets while you’re out of town and making sure no one enters your home while you’re away—the opportunity to check in on home while you’re not at home is a great way to add a little more security to your life. And smart home cameras make that easy.


There are different options of smart home cameras available, and each provides a different level of security. For low-maintenance management, you can choose a smart home security camera that’s more passive and allows you viewing access from an app. Or for something more sophisticated, you can pay for monthly monitoring.


Smart Home Locks

Looking for a quick smart home security solution? Smart home locks can help. Available as a complete system or a device that goes over your existing lock, these smart home devices make it easier to ensure that you never leave the door unlocked. And if you’re a person that’s already a fan of automated locks, you’ll appreciate how much simpler it is to change your passcode using a smart home app. Changing your passcodes often can increase your security and help you give temporary access to friends or pet sitters when you need a helping hand.


Smart Home Motion Sensor

If you have an existing alarm system, you might already be familiar with smart home motion sensors. But if not, they’re pretty self explanatory. Smart home motion sensors are an easy way to track movement in your home, especially when you’re not there. A great addition to smart home security cameras, you can also link them up to a smart home security system. If you pay for monthly monitoring, motion sensors can also help detect unwanted visitors in your home and alert the police.


Smart Home Security App

Using a smart home security app is a great way to track and manage all of your smart home security devices, and most devices will come with them. The key here is to decide whether or not you want monthly monitoring attached to your smart home security system. What exactly is monitoring? This is a service provided by various different companies that allows you to have 24/7 monitoring of your home.


If something is triggered while you’re away, an alert will go to your monitoring company’s central station. From there, you might receive a call to confirm that everything is ok—although in some cases, especially with panic buttons, police will immediately be dispatched to your home. You have to pay a fee for monthly monitoring services, but many smart home security companies do not require the same contracts that traditional security companies once did.


Smart home devices are a great way to make life easier through home automation. But you can do even more than that with a smart home security app. And if you’re exploring new home construction, you’ll find that all Pulte homes include a smart home base so that your new home will be ready to connect your favorite smart home devices.



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Published 12.14.2021

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