Landscape Designing Tips for 2019

With warm spring days upon us, it’s time to start thinking about how to spruce up your home’s curb appeal with new landscaping. Whether you’re thinking about new containers, filling flower beds, or perking up your existing plantings, we’ve got the landscaping ideas you need to keep your lawn and garden looking their best.


Spring Landscaping Ideas

With so many different types of home styles, spaces, and climates, there are a variety of aesthetics, schedules, and preferred plants for you to use when gardening in spring. However, there are a number of design trends that are popular no matter where you live or what type of garden you’re considering.


Create Outdoor Living Spaces

One of the most popular landscaping trends this year is the use of plants to create separate outdoor living spaces. Rather than wide-open spaces, landscapers are creating secluded, shaded areas within the larger outdoor spaces. These can be used for private seating and conversation nooks, summer dining rooms, or shaded play spaces for children and pets.

Use lush plants, climbers, or tall narrow plants to create a screen, with trellises, walls, and pergolas for support. The style is popular in traditional Italian and Japanese gardening, so native plants from those regions work well for developing this look.


Try Sustainable Gardening

Eco-friendly is a watchword for home design and, for many homeowners, outdoor spaces should enhance the health of the natural world as well. Many gardeners are looking for ways to reduce water consumption and work with the local environment, using plants that are native to the area to reduce the need for soil additives and fertilizers.

Many gardeners have become conscious of the effect of non-native plant species and chemical additives on the life cycle of pollinators like butterflies and bees. One of the biggest trends forecasters are predicting is the rise of pollinator gardens specifically designed to ameliorate these problems and support native insect populations.


Invest in Battery-Powered Equipment

Want to mow the lawn, edge the driveway, and trim the hedges at 8 a.m. without hearing from angry neighbors? Want to avoid keeping cans of gas and oil in the garage? Battery-powered lawn and landscaping equipment is becoming more and more popular, both for individual homeowners and for landscaping crews because it is quieter, more energy efficient, and easier to use and maintain.

In addition to the convenience this equipment provides to the user, it gives community residents a welcome respite from loud maintenance crews. For homeowners who work while also maintaining their own landscaping, it offers the ability to garden early in the morning or later in the evening without disturbing the neighbors.


Try Low-Maintenance Landscaping

One new trend that is catching on in many areas is a move away from expansive, manicured lawns toward low-maintenance landscaping that makes use of native plant species to create large gardens that require little water and little upkeep. Native grasses and shrubbery can be allowed to grow without daily grooming or weekly trimming, freeing up time, reducing costs, helping the environment, and providing habitats for native species of insects and small animals.

Many homeowners are also moving away from overly fussy landscape elements that require extensive maintenance. Trimming back or removing trees that drop leaves or flowers onto paths, pools, or flower beds; investing in perennials rather than constantly planting and tending to annuals; creating hardscape areas for seating, cooking and dining: all of these are easy and affordable options that reduce upkeep and provide long-term value.


Create Backyard Structures

You might think of storage sheds as a necessary evil, but you can create storage structures that double as living or entertaining spaces so, rather than being an eyesore, they become the focal point of the garden.

Need more storage? Consider doubling the size and making the front half a she-shed, private office, or summer kitchen and dining space. Make it a two-story and turn the top floor into an apartment or guest house. You’ll not only add space, you’ll add value to your property and your home’s equity.


Today’s top garden trends for spring landscaping show that homeowners care about more than having the yard of the month. They want to do what’s best for the environment, what’s best for their neighbors, and what’s best for their busy schedules and lifestyles. Fortunately, new technology and new ideas about residential landscaping mean that you can have a beautiful yard that really works for you.



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Published 5.3.19

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