3 Advantages of Modern Contemporary Floor Plans

When it comes to modern living, contemporary home plans highlight many features that homeowners now demand. These include energy efficiency, natural lighting, and open living areas, along with private dedicated spaces. Read on to discover the latest in new home floor plans, trends and modern contemporary homes.


Open Living Areas

Open living areas have become more and more popular over the last decade. One of the main reasons for that is because it caters to a variety of lifestyles and family sizes. Having a living room, dining room, and kitchen that’s open and flows makes entertaining or spending time with family easier.


No matter the floor plan, you can be sure that the kitchen is the jewel of all modern contemporary homes. That’s why if someone purchases an older home, the kitchen is the first thing to be remodeled and the walls dividing the kitchen from the rest of the house are the first to come down.


For those social butterflies among us who can’t wait for the next holiday, being able to visit with your friends in the living room while preparing dinner in the kitchen makes entertaining so much more fun. Busy moms and dads appreciate a kitchen with a huge island where the kids can do their homework and visit after a long day.


But don’t worry, just because the main living area is open, doesn’t mean you don’t have any privacy. Attached to the open and flexible floor plan are several options for dedicated spaces. For example, you may have a guest room and office on one side of the house, a master on the other with a great room in between.


Consider the central part of the house the gathering room and the other rooms designed with a particular use in mind.



Space Utilization

Space utilization in contemporary floor plans means designing the house as a whole and using space efficiently rather than haphazardly.


If you consider the design of older homes compared to a contemporary floor plan, you’ll see more hallways and lots more wasted space. One way of turning a hall into a more usable space is to add a small built-in desk area or even a set of bookshelves. Viewing space as a commodity and using it to its maximum capacity makes it possible to have a small home that feels larger.


When you can make a room like a kitchen, bathroom, or entry work better, it actually feels larger. That’s why organization and storage are so important to consumers. They want to keep their spaces clean and organized with everything in its proper place. The idea behind any design should be functionality, and this includes having enough cabinets, drawers, shelves, for everything and everyone.


Along with the interior space, modern homes extend into the outdoor environment to maximize the living and entertaining area. That is especially true in areas like Florida, California, and Arizona, where outdoor living is just as important as indoor living. With large windows and natural light, outdoor space becomes an indoor space, and every efficient modern design takes that into consideration.


If you’re in the market for a newly built home, the exciting thing about new home floor plans is the versatility of design. Two different families can have the same basic floor plan, and you’d never know it because their homes appear so different.


Customization Options

Customization options are endless with open contemporary floor plans as you can create custom home designs that work with your lifestyle. For example, you might want a hobby room instead of an office or den, or a home theater or gym in the basement.


Have a large family? A favorite customization option is a super laundry which makes the weekly chore of doing the laundry much more accessible. Having a space that is large enough not only to do the wash but to also fold and iron keeps the rest of the house more organized.


Walk-in pantries are not only perfect for gourmet cooks who want keep their favorite delicacies on hand, but big families with lots of kids need healthy snacks in an easy to access space and also lots of shelves to stock up on sales of canned goods and staples.


Mudrooms right next to the kitchen keep the mess out of the rest of the house while making unloading the car of groceries, pets, and sports gear much easier. Depending upon your hobbies and family size, your mudroom will probably look much different than someone else's and that’s the fun of customization.


Modern contemporary home plans are built for usability, efficiency, and aesthetics. Want to try designing yourself? Visit our design center and play with the interactive floor plan and elevation tool.



Contributed to Your Home blog by Carol Youmans

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Published 8.13.19

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