Top Living Room Colors for 2021

Your living room is almost always the feature of your home. It’s often the first place guests see—and, it’s likely an area where you spend a lot of time. But figuring out how to transform your living room space in a way that blends 2021 trends can be a upbeat challenge.

A great place to start is picking out new living room colors. The right color palette can set the perfect tone and feel. Consider these tips when trying to pick out the best colors for your living room.

Living Room Paint Ideas 2021

Looking for modern living room colors or simply the best living room colors of 2021? Consider these tips when trying to get new living room paint ideas.

Neutral Living Room Colors

Customizable Comfort with Warm Hues

Get comfort from color with light and warm neutrals. You can mix and match sandy tones like beige or mocha with flat blacks for a calming environment that’s neutral enough to add your own decorative elements. These are ideal living room colors for people who like to mix things up but tend to stay on the warmer side of things. Consider decorative elements that include natural wood or leather and house plants, mixed with industrial-like pieces to balance out your space.

The Gray Zone

Grey can be an ideal living room color since it pairs easily with most other colors. Use it as a backdrop to highlight other bright accents or as a complement to white and wood tones. Hints of gray in other living room colors can also create more modern living room colors. 


Bold & Bright

Living room colors that are bold are saturated can be a great way to show off a little personality while adding some flair to your space. Pick out colors that complement each other and go sparing on your brightest colors, using a softer or lighter tone to help balance them out.

You should also remember that different colors can convey different energies, so be mindful of the type of activities you like to do in your living room and avoid overly stimulating colors in areas where you are trying to relax.


Shades of blue are often seen as calm or relaxing. They can be mixed with other neutrals to convey a feeling of tranquility.


Considered the color of passion but also associated with danger or urgency, red can be a tricky color to work with and is best used for smaller accents.


The mixture of blue and red, purple is seen as both a color of luxury and playfulness. Use cool purple tones to create a more luxurious feel. Or mix millennial purple with another soft tone for something playful and on-trend in 2021.


Shades of yellow are associated with warmth and creativity. Tones of yellow mixed with neutrals can inspire a soft and cozy feel while brighter yellows can be seen as more upbeat and positive. Yellow could be a great living room color in a space where you are looking to create inspiration.


Soft greens are some of the top living room colors for 2021, thanks to their natural feel and built-in personality. To go a little bolder, consider a darker green like olive. Similar to blue, the right shade of green can be an ideal way to incorporate more calm into your home.

Soft Focus

Touching on the colors mentioned above—for some people, living room colors trends for 2021 might be shaped around a new need to work from home. Even as people head back to the office, many have plans to work from home more than they previously did. If they don’t have dedicated office space, the living room might be the most accessible space to achieve this.

Greens and blues are both good for this and could make ideal living room colors if you’re trying to multitask in your space. Mix these colors to get all of their calming benefits, while also increasing focus and productivity. To add even more productivity to your living room space, use an accent color to create a more designated space where you plan to get work done.


The best colors for living rooms in 2021 could hugely depend on what your situation is and the type of living space you are trying to curate (last year’s trends might offer some inspiration, too). Upbeat and active might make sense for some, while others are looking for ways to unwind after a long day.

Another thing to keep in mind? The level of sheen. Take these thoughts into consideration when building out your living room color plans and figure out what the best living room colors are for you.



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Published 9.14.2021

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