Which Home Style is Best for You?

Choosing a style of home can seem easy at first until you realize just how many different options there are. With so much variety, deciding on a home style can become intimidating and might cause you to second guess yourself – especially if you’ve decided to build your home from the ground up. Let's discuss several popular home styles to help you explore your options and solidify your choice.


Ranch Houses

Ranch style homes have been a staple in neighborhoods across America for decades. In the mid-1950s, nine out of ten homes were ranch style and a majority of them still stand today. Drawing from Spanish-Colonial roots, ranch homes are typically single-story and feature low rooflines with wide eaves. Although lifestyles have changed since the mid-20th century, these homes are still a popular choice in neighborhoods across the country. Many have been modernized and expanded to conform to today’s living demands and design trends, but even with modern updates, ranch style homes have some telling characteristics, like large windows with attached garages. Even newly built ranches include many of the same elements as their original counterparts, such as back patios with sliding glass doors, and their architecture is simple. One highly-coveted aspect of this style of home is its open concept floor plan -- open concept kitchens, dining rooms, and living areas give owners a range of versatility.


Beach Houses

Beach houses are designed to allow the owner to enjoy the amenities of the beach -- the sun, the water, the wonderful weather, the beautiful horizon -- as much as possible. Their large windows and skylights let in tons of light and wraparound porches or spacious decks are made to take in the sun and great outdoor scenery. Beach houses can range from modern to traditional designs and are found both in single and two-story floorplans. Homes that are situated close to the water are often raised several feet off the ground to allow high tide and storm surge to pass safely underneath. Beach houses along the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic often have reinforced windows, roofs, and support beams to allow the homes to withstand yearly hurricane threat. But they do so effortlessly, never intruding on the owner's style or enjoyment of the home.


Spanish Houses

Spanish houses are easily identified by their curved lines and arched doorways. Inspired by Spanish Colonizers, Spanish houses can be found in neighborhoods throughout Florida and California and boast upscale luxury while offering traditional Spanish taste. Their arched doorways and curved steps sharply contrast with their American ranch style counterparts. Spanish homes are known for their white stucco exterior walls, which are made of cement, water, and sand (or lime), creating an old-world look yet exuding a luxurious, modern feel. Another key feature of a Spanish home is its red Terracotta roof tiles which, with their warm, natural red hue, give the roof contrast from its white exterior, and bring an element of asymmetry to its design.


Cottage Style Homes

Cottage style homes draw their inspiration from England, featuring steeply pitched roofs, an exterior made of stone or wood, and window shutters. Their architecture is asymmetrical and unbalanced, yet pleasant to look at. Cottage style homes can be seen in suburban areas across the country and feature practical and useful living spaces. Many older cottage style homes have been remodeled since their original construction but maintain their basic interior elements. Cottage style homes, sometimes referred to as cabin style homes, place a heavy emphasis on first-floor livability. Bedrooms and most bathrooms are located on the second floor, while living and work spaces, the kitchen, and dining area are placed on the first floor. These homes maintain a steady design flow from one area to the next.


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Published 4.26.19

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