10 Living Room Painting Ideas for Your Fall Project

If your home’s style needs a refresh, you may be considering a time consuming and expensive renovation or a house full of new furniture. However, giving your space an updated new look can be much faster and simpler. If you’re looking for a fun and affordable DIY project with a real Wow Factor built in, consider updating your home’s look with one of our living room painting ideas.


Whole Living Room Effects

1. Choose a New Living Room Paint Color

Today’s trends in living room paint colors tend toward softer, more muted colors. Dusky pastels are particularly popular and look fresh and new. Gray continues to be popular, with a palette ranging from deep charcoal to pewter to pale mist.


If you’re looking for a bolder palette, use the natural world for your inspiration. Terra cotta, mustard yellow, and rich tan evoke the outdoors and work for both rustic and polished interiors. Dark, rich greens are also trending, evoking lush landscaping and bringing your room to life.


Accent Wall Ideas

If you’re looking for a quick update without moving all of the furniture, you might want to opt for a simple accent wall rather than a whole-room paint job. Today’s accent walls are more than just an alternate paint color -- they play with texture, design, and even movement to create exciting new looks.


2. Pick an Accent Wall Pattern

Stripes, crosshatch, chevron, or polka dots -- accent walls today are filled with patterns. Whether you opt for a subtle tone on tone look or a bold contrast, you’ll definitely make a statement.


3. Go for a Bold Accent Wall

The advantage of an accent wall lies in its self-created limits. While a Tiffany Blue room might be too much, a Tiffany Blue accent wall can be just right. Feel free to play with bold colors, patterns, or effects without the fear of going overboard.


4. Explore a Wood Accent Wall

Forget old-fashioned wood paneling: today’s walls are all about subtle effects with wood accents. Picture frame molding, shiplap, tongue and groove -- all of these can be painted and add texture, depth, and dimension to your room’s style.


5. Create a Stunning Ombre Accent Wall

An Ombre wall -- either in shades of the same color or progressing through a series of complementary shades -- can create a beautiful effect on an accent wall. Pick up tones from the living room’s view and bring the outdoors in.


6. Spice up Your Ceiling Decor

If your living room has a tray or coffered ceiling, you might want to create your painted effects there. This can be a great option if you have an open-concept floor plan and want to define and differentiate the various areas of the space.


7. Create Wall Paintings for the Living Room

If you are looking for a big statement, you might consider a mural for your accent wall. A mural doesn’t have to be cartoonish -- your mural artist can create an incredible look with a hand-painted design, trompe l’oeil effect, or abstract pattern. You can try this on your own if you’re the artistic type or hire a local artist.


Wall Effects Without the Paint

To enhance your living room’s look, you might want to think beyond paint effects to more sophisticated and dimensional options.


8. Design A Tile Inlay on an Accent Wall

A gorgeous tile inlay can be a stunning option for an accent wall. Glass tile, patterned tile, marble and more -- all of these can bring a luxe, upscale look to your design. Consider a black and white color scheme or create a mosaic look with multi-colored tiles.


9. Wallpaper Is Back

The old-fashioned look of wallpaper is out, and new, exciting geometric designs are in. Instead of doing the whole room in wallpaper, use it on an accent wall to create visual interest, texture, and add dimension to the design. Depending on the complexity of the design, this is a totally doable DIY option and one that is simple to change out when your tastes change.


Living Room Decor

10. Be Fearless in your Choices

Most of all, it’s important to remember that bigger, bolder, and more exciting design is in style. Go dark, go bright -- you really can’t go wrong. The key is ensuring that you choose a color and style that works with the room and its furnishings. And the best part? You can always paint over any mistakes.


Finding the right paint color and style doesn’t have to be scary. When it comes down to it, your living room is just that -- yours. Choose your favorite color or design, take some risks, and have fun. You’ll be rewarded with an exciting new look that’s sure to bring you joy each day.



Contributed to Your Home blog by Christy Murdock Edgar

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Published 8.26.19

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