Decorating Ideas for A Finished Basement

A finished basement can present the perfect opportunity to create a fun and functional space. The possibilities are practically endless. Whether you want to turn your finished basement into the ultimate man cave, an inviting guest room or a home theater for the entire family, here are some decorating ideas to help spark your imagination.


Turning Your Finished Basement into a Man Cave

When considering man cave basement decor ideas, it is a good idea to start with a theme or color scheme to help you create a more cohesive look and get the most out of your space.

For example, a lot of sports fans hang jerseys and memorabilia on the walls, but why not be more creative when it comes to incorporating sports equipment into the decor? Hockey sticks can be used to hang photo frames. Baseball bats can replace boring stair banisters and the heads of golf clubs can be repurposed to act as coat hangers. These simple but creative details will help take any man cave to the next level and create a themed room without being too heavy-handed.


Guest Room Basement Decor Ideas

A finished basement can provide the perfect guest room for out-of-town visitors and even act as another source of income if you rent it out on sites like AirBnB. Keep in mind that even large basements that receive some natural light can end up feeling dark and tiny, but with the right decorating tips, you can open up the space and make it warm and inviting.


With basement guest rooms, the trick is to play with perspective. You might not be able to raise the ceilings or install sliding glass doors, but you can create the illusion of light and space. Mirrors are one of the best tools to make rooms feel airy and larger than they are. Hang large dressing mirrors on the walls and the room will instantly take on a new feel. Mirrors help to reflect light and create a warmer ambiance.


Carefully incorporating vertical stripes can make a basement feel taller. The key is to not get carried away – simply covering an accent wall in vertical stripes is more than enough to do the trick without being overwhelming.


Color and lighting will also play an important role in creating a warm basement guest room. While you can get away with using darker accent colors in pillow and blankets, you’ll want to keep wall and floor colors light. Too many dark tones can make the room feel cramped, so stick to more cheerful mood lifting paint colors. Be sure to incorporate plenty of accent lighting: table lamps, wall sconces and other lighting sources can help illuminate dark corners and bring the room to life.


4 Decorating Room Ideas for a Home Theater

If you want to use the finished basement to create a space that the whole family can enjoy, a home theater room is the perfect solution. Chances are that you often spend evenings watching TV and movies together, so why not create a dedicated space that can enhance the viewing experience?


Whether you are able to install state-of-the-art audio and video equipment and luxurious seating depends on your budget, but these decorating ideas are easy, budget-friendly and perfect for home theaters.


  1. LED floor lighting is easy to install and provides just the right amount of illumination so that you can safely navigate in and out of the room for bathroom or snack breaks. It also provides just the right touch to recreate the look and feel of movie theaters.


  2. Remote controls with dimming features are also a nice and relatively inexpensive addition that will allow you to control the lights with the push of a button.


  3. Framing your screen with heavy, velvety curtains is another great way to mimic the moviegoing experience. Guests will feel like they are at opening night at a vintage theater.


  4. Lining the walls with movie posters is a nice touch but hanging decorative movie reels can give the room a throwback feel. You can either hunt for reels at flea markets or purchase new reproductions online for cheap.


A finished basement presents a world of opportunities. Once you decide on how you want to use the space, look for creative ways to subtly incorporate thematic decorations into the room. Remember that mirrors, along with the right lighting and colors, can turn even the most cramped basement spaces into warm, inviting and practical living areas. Get creative and make the most of your finished basement.


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Published 4.26.19

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