6 Interior Design Trends for 2020

Welcome to 2020! We are so excited to kick off the year with these amazing interior design trends that will take any home from drab to fab in no time flat. Whether your style is modern, farmhouse, vintage or anything in between, these trends are easy to incorporate into all styles and preferences. 


As you know, interior design trends are ever changing and evolving. Our highly skilled teamed of designers put their heads together to bring you the top 6 interior design trends for 2020. Whether you are a self-proclaimed design expert or a novice, these trends are easy for anyone to explore. Read on to learn more.


2020 Interior Design Trends

  1. Curved Furniture

  2. Natural Textures

  3. “Bada-Bling” Accents

  4. Mixed Media Abstract Art

  5. Large Graphic Florals

  6. Pops of Color


1. Go with the Flow with Curved Furniture

For the first interior design trend- Let your furniture tell a story. Curved furniture is a fun and easy way to add character to any room. Look for soft edges and smooth transitions to create this classic look that spans from mid-century to high-glam. You can find all kinds of curved furniture, from the most common, couches, to tables and chairs, curved furniture will add a unique element to any space.


Design tip: Have a room you don’t quite know what to do with? Make it into a formal living room with curved furniture, a bar cart and vintage accessories. Turn it into the room everyone will want to sit and talk.


2. Bring Depth with Natural Textures

The next interior design trend is all about letting nature shine. Natural textures range all the way from wicker to wood and create a very raw illusion throughout a room. But we aren’t talking about basic wicker chairs or a wood table, this trend focuses on accents of natural textures to bring depth and variety to a space. Natural textures are admired when we look to appreciate materials that speak to honesty and purity. So whether it be a wall hanging, a basket or even a cool centerpiece, don’t be afraid to incorporate this 2020 trend. 


3. Show some Bada Bling with Extra Accents

The bada bling interior design trend is all about unexpected adornments, unique accent pieces and bold furnishings. Leather belts added to chairs, gilded hardware on cabinets or metalic wall hangings, use your imagination to add some bling to your home. Experiment with bold knobs on a dresser or play with unexpected materials, you might just create something amazing.


Not into too much shimmer and shine? This trend can be embraced in many ways. Maybe start by adding a bronze touch to your mantel or a silver mirror over your dresser. You will be surprised how the simplest touch of bling can really liven up a room. 


4. Be Different with Mixed Media Abstract Art

This trend sounds complicated but hang with us. The key to incorporating these elements is to focus on texture and depth as well as touches of natural materials or handmade goods. The term mixed-media abstract art refers to mixing art forms to create a new and unique form of art to enhance your interior design.


For example, a painted canvas that features string or yarn. These elements create depth that make a space really pop. Whether you purchase or create art yourself, consider this trendy and bold style of creativity. 


5. Outside In with Large Graphic Florals

Bold floral graphics and art not only add fun color to a space but they also evoke positive emotions. These pieces are already a popular interior design trend but interior designers predict them to continue to grow in popularity throughout 2020. Flowers, leaves, trees, plants and any other bright, floral print you can think of is a great addition to any blank slate.


Design tip: When working with a blank slate, choose a bold art piece (such as a graphic floral) and let that inspire the entire room. This is a fun way to end up with a cohesive and unique area. 


6. Keep it Bright with Strong Pops of Color

Color trends are always changing. We can look back to the 1970’s when the colors were bright and prevalent and then move to the 1980’s when it was all about the neon color palette. Now we are in a more subdued stage of color trends where we see neutral colors more prevalent and pops of color throughout a home on things like furniture or fun accent walls.


Look to upholstery in 2020 as your canvas for a strong pop of color or even painted case pieces that will provide an additional avenue to infuse color into your space. Don’t be afraid of color, embrace it! Choose colors that make you feel happy and inspired and really let yourself explore new palettes. 


Start 2020 with a bang by using these trends to update your home. Impress your friends, your family and yourself with these fun and trendy ideas for interior design. Want more information on Pulte Homes’ design options? Visit our design center to learn all about our design options. 


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Published 1.15.2020

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