Why Palm Springs Should Be Your SoCal Home

Looking to escape the dreary winters and hustle and bustle of the cold city? Perhaps only being able to golf three out of the four seasons isn’t going to cut it anymore? If so, new construction in Palm Springs might offer the oasis you’re looking for.


With year-round sunshine, over 100 golf courses, a restaurant for every occasion and plenty of spas to wind down in after an adventure through the mountains, Palm Springs has all the attractions to bring you in and keep you—just ask the many Hollywood Stars that call the Springs their home.


Palm Springs Cost of Living

Since Palm Springs is located in Southern California, the cost of living can be a bit higher than the national average—though it should come as no surprise that living in a playground for the rich and famous would come at a cost. You never know who you may find sitting at the corner of the bar, and can you really put a price tag on that?


With its endless-summer attitude and proximity to Los Angeles, home prices are sharply spiking as Angelinos flock to the Coachella Valley for a reprieve from the noise and gridlock of the city. But with a housing market hotter than midday sun, and plenty of Palm Spring home builders adding new homes into the mix, there might not be a better time to invest in a piece of paradise.


Things to Do in Palm Springs

If you’ve ever found yourself spending the last days of your stay at a resort, dreaming of cancelling your flights and never looking back, living in Palm Springs could make that fantasy a reality. Every day feels like a vacation when you’re surrounded by the awe-inspiring beauty of the Coachella Valley.


Hikers can point their finger in any direction and find a scenic trail in one of the four mountain ranges that surround the town. Or you can do a little urban hiking along Palm Canyon Drive—the main drag that features many of Palm Springs’s attractions. There, you can eat, drink, shop and browse countless art galleries in the drag’s pedestrian-friendly downtown district or book a staycation at one of the many luxury hotels and feel like a tourist in your own town.


Do you clock more hours behind the wheel of a golf cart than your 4-door, or do you at least wish that you could?  Between the spectacular Palm Springs climate and the incredible abundance of courses, 124 total in the Coachella Valley, living in Palm Springs could essentially be like living at a clubhouse. The city experiences an average of about 350 sunny days a year, very little precipitation, and is a haven for snowbirds with lows in the mid-to-low 40s during the coldest parts of the year.


It’s not all dining, shopping and working on your swing, though. Looking to round out your lifestyle with a healthy dose of culture? The annual Coachella Valley Music Festival is one of the largest music events in the world, bringing world-class entertainment every summer and the Palm Springs International Film Society rolls out the Red Carpet every winter, giving Palm Springs a taste of Hollywood glitz and glamour.


Comparing Palm Springs to Other Southern California Cities

Warmer, more luxurious and laid-back, living in Palm Springs gives you the quintessential So-Cal experience, without some of the gridlock traffic of Los Angeles. Rather than feeding into the economy of the greater Los Angeles area, the Coachella Valley is a largely self-contained community of retirees, telecommuters and resort-workers, giving Palm Springs its own vibe and pace of life.


If you’re considering a new construction home, the Palm Spring climate and attractions may just be enough to draw you in. One thing is for sure though, living in Palm Springs is a lot like taking a permanent vacation.



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Published 7.28.2021

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