The Best Areas for Young Families in Charlotte

The housing market is bustling in Charlotte, N.C., as the Queen City continues a boom that has catapulted it to the 16th largest city in the country. Charlotte had been a thriving city for more than two centuries when major banks chose it as headquarters in the 1970s, launching a growth that hasn’t stopped. The population of the Charlotte metro area, which spreads into nearby South Carolina, has soared to 2.6 million. New home construction, along with the population, is projected to continue growing.


Jobs in finance (now second only to New York City in banking assets), energy, health care, and other sectors spearheaded the growth. But the city’s ideal climate, rich and diverse culture, and low cost of living — 10% under the national average — draws families looking for both opportunity and quality lifestyles. Charlotte has consistently ranked high on “livability” indexes and is a favorite of millennials.


Charlotte gets international recognition for its culinary excellence. This bustling city surrounded by small-town charm is one of the largest metro areas in the nation. You can find more than 30 towns and communities that offer a choice of lifestyles and homes. Because of its rapid growth, the area offers modern, well-planned communities with pockets of an old-world vibe.


Here are some of the best neighborhoods for young families:



This is the urban center of Charlotte, a district known for its rich culture and famous for its world-class restaurants.  Popular neighborhoods for young professionals include Central Point and South Village. Uptown’s location at the heart of Charlotte has made it ideal for new construction and condominium development.

Average Home Price: $315,000


Fort Mill

This community south of central Charlotte in South Carolina offers the perks of suburban living within an easy commute. You'll find upscale homes, parks, private clubs, a major amusement park, and a nature preserve. Residents benefit from South Carolina’s low tax rates.

Average Home Price: $309,000



Fifteen miles north of Uptown, Huntersville is ideal for family living with new neighborhoods set in rolling hills. The community features plenty of green space and it's set on the banks of an inviting lake.

Average Home Price: $315,000



Located right against the South Carolina state line, this 25-year-old community has become one of the most desirable in the metro. It's home to a large business park that houses Fortune 500 companies and a five-star golf resort. Its neighborhoods are conveniently set among upscale restaurants and trendy shopping.

Average Home Price: $317,980



This community has become a top draw for young couples and families with young children. Waxhaw is famous for its highly-rated public schools. Main Street is a popular draw with excellent restaurants and a lively nightlife.

Average Home Price: $375,000



Matthews boasts of historic buildings in a quaint downtown and a year-round farmers market. Home prices are among the lowest in the metro.

Average Home Price: $320,000



Short for North Davidson, this is the arts and entertainment center of the city. The community near Uptown attracts art lovers to its galleries, restaurants and quirky shops. The locals take pride in their eco-friendly lifestyles.

Average Home Price: $271,020



This area east of Charlotte consisted mostly of farmland until the town was incorporated in 1975. Stallings still offers the serenity of suburban family living, with an easy commute to the city.

Average Home Price: $285,000


Freedom Park

This upscale neighborhood within Charlotte is sometimes described as “dense suburban” and attracts young professionals. Besides popular restaurants and clubs, it has lots of parks and well-performing schools.

Average House Price: $540,000


Some large companies are adding employees, which has created a spike in home sales as well as new home construction in Charlotte. It's also created a sellers’ market as homebuilders race to meet demand in a city that shows no sign of slowing down.



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Published 12.26.19

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