Double Sink Vanity Ideas to Spark Your Next Project

Getting ready in the morning or before bedtime can be difficult, especially when you share your bathroom with someone else. In order to ensure peace in the home, it’s best for everyone to have his or her own space. Double sink bathroom vanities used to be exclusively for the owner’s suite, but now they are popping up throughout the home, from kids’ rooms to guest rooms, making every day easier and more convenient.


Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Whether you are designing a master bath or a Jack-and-Jill bath for the kids, a double vanity is the way to go. When you are considering a double sink bathroom vanity, there are a number of things to consider.


Connected Vanities

If you have only one wall available for your bathroom sinks, a connected vanity is your best option. You’ll generally find a side-by-side configuration with an emphasis on symmetry and space in the middle to keep each sink and surface separated. Here you’ll also find an abundance of storage with plenty of room under the long double vanity for toiletries, linens, and cleaning products.


Separate Vanities

If you have a more spacious bathroom floorplan, you may be able to opt for a design with totally separate vanities on different sides of the bathroom. This is a wonderful option for many couples, as it allows them to get ready without being in each other’s way. This is especially helpful for couples whose schedules have them waking and preparing for the day at the same time, since it allows them each their own space.


Seated Vanities

For the ultimate in luxury, a seated vanity is a must. You’ll sometimes find these in the middle of a connected vanity surface or they may be situated to the side of one of the separate vanities. A seated vanity gives you space for makeup application, facials, hair styling, or any other time-consuming parts of your beauty and skincare routine. You may find that your seated vanity becomes your favorite place for some quiet Me-time at the beginning or end of your day.


The Right Surface for Vanities with Tops

Because a double vanity takes up so much visual room in your bathroom, you want to ensure that it is both beautiful and functional. Here are some of your options for materials.



When it comes to sheer luxury, you can’t do better than marble. The wide variety of colors and designs available are sure to work with any bathroom décor and with any type of metal you choose for your fixtures and finishes – whether chrome, nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, or even brass (yes, it’s back).



Quartz is a manufactured stone offered in a variety of colors and tones. It’s durable and beautiful and most of all, easy to care for. Like marble, you’ll find a quartz color or pattern that works, no matter what your style.



Gorgeous granite is always a popular choice. You’ll find everything from subtle to bold patterns and colors when you check out your granite options. Just be sure to find out how to maintain your granite over time, as it is susceptible to damage if not properly cared for.



For an uber-contemporary look, concrete is one of the most popular materials in use today. You’ll find it in upscale and minimalist designs, especially those with a neutral color palette. Because it is highly customizable, you’re sure to find a concrete option that works for your style.



Tile is, of course, a perennial favorite in the bathroom and can look quite modern in updated glass versions. It is also heat, stain, and scratch resistant. The one drawback to tile is the tendency for mildew to grow in the grout lines. Be sure and keep up with maintenance and cleaning in order to prevent this.



Recycled glass is a hot trend in countertop surfaces, offering a wide variety of colors and style options. It is resistant to heat and scratches, though it can be chipped or cracked. Glass counters work better in contemporary spaces or for a fun pop of color, like in the children’s bath.


Butcher Block, Bamboo, or Teak

Wood finishes can bring an element of richness and luxury to your design and these woods are made to stand up to the heat and humidity of the bathroom environment. New or reclaimed, you’ll love the spa-like look of wood surfaces in your bath, especially when paired with other natural elements like stone tile or flooring.


Whichever style or material you choose, a double sink vanity will make your bathroom more functional and make every day easier and more convenient. Check out our bathroom design options for more ways to make your space work for you. 



Contributed to Your Home blog by Christy Murdock Edgar

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Published 8.26.19

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