10 Tips for Organizing A Closet

For many homeowners, one of the most dreaded tasks of home organization is cleaning out and organizing the closet. Whether it's a coat closet near the front door, a laundry closet in a hallway, or the large walk-in closet in your owner's suite, it's important to keep a handle on clutter and to develop a strategy for properly organizing all of the closet’s contents. Here are ten of our best tips for organizing a closet -- and keeping it that way.


Closet Organization Ideas

You may think that closet organization requires an expensive custom closet solution. In reality, however, you can enjoy a more organized closet no matter what your budget. Our ideas feature a range of options from the quick-and-easy to full-scale redesign and refurbishment.


Different hanging bar heights

One of the best ways to get the most out of your closet space is to have hanging bars located at a variety of heights within the closet. Include a double row of bars for shirts and pants or blouses and skirts, then a single bar for dresses, coats, and other longer clothing pieces.


Built-in display shelving

Many men pride themselves on their sneaker collection and many women on their handbags and shoes. Rather than crowding them together out of sight, the newest closet designs include display shelving where you can proudly show off these favorite items.


Center islands

If you have a large walk-in closet, you may consider installing a center island to help you better organize your closet space. Here you can include additional storage drawers and shelves as well as glass-top display cabinets for jewelry, sunglasses, gloves, scarves, and other small accessories.


Built-in cabinetry

Besides the center island, built-in cabinetry or drawer space is a great way to use an awkward corner of the closet. In addition to helping you better organize your wardrobe, you may be able to do away with an oversized chest of drawers in your bedroom -- leaving you with more room for a seating area or home office.


Second-story shelving

If your home has high ceilings, you may find that the best storage in the closet never gets accessed. Don't limit yourself to bars and shelves within easy reach. Install additional shelving all the way to the ceiling, then slide a folding ladder or step stool into a corner of the closet for easy access.


Slide-out shelves

If you have shelves along the floor of your closet, you may find that you frequently lose items when they are pushed to the back of the shelf. Just as you do with your kitchen cabinetry, install small sliders to allow you to pull the shelves out for a better view.


Arrangement strategies

To make your closet more user-friendly, consider the way that you arrange the contents. Hang like-items together, then add an additional layer of organization.

  • Separate casual from dressy from professional attire
  • Separate frequently worn items from special occasion
  • Separate older items kept for sentimental purposes from your everyday favorites


Rotation strategies

If your biggest problem is that you only wear a fraction of the clothes in your closet, the answer might lie in a rotation strategy. Each week or month pull ten frequently worn items and hang them in the back of your closet, making room for new items to come to the front. By doing this regularly you'll stop automatically reaching for your go-tos and try out some new looks.


Back-of-the-door storage

Don't forget that empty space on the back of the door. It's a great place to hang a full-length mirror, a scarf or necklace collection, a tie rack, or some other small accessories. Similarly, look at your closet and identify other underutilized spaces where you can tuck in additional storage.


The right hangers

If you don't have much time to spend on your closet overhaul, this one tip will make your closet look significantly better and more organized: invest in matching hangers for every item of clothing in your closet. Get rid of the wire dry cleaner hangers and replace them with slim velvet hangers—all facing the same way.


Home Organization

In many cases, home organization comes down to a process of minimizing clutter on a consistent and ongoing basis. Rather than trying to create new places to put too much stuff, make it a point to pare down and clean out your closet, bookshelves, kitchen counters, and other spaces where things accumulate.


Don't leave the kids out, either; they outgrow clothes and toys with alarming frequency. Help them to develop good habits by re-purposing, recycling, or donating unwanted items consistently. They'll enjoy the extra play space and you'll enjoy the cleaner bedrooms and playrooms.


The Best Home Design Idea

You should expect a good home builder to design their floor plans with neat, well-organized spaces. As you consider your home design options, you'll get a greater sense of how you want your home to look when everything is properly organized and has a place. You may just find that the best home design tool of all is your discerning eye and your willingness to part with clutter.


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