Why A Quick Move-In Home Could Be Right for You

Struggling to find the home of your dreams? A hot housing market has led to a lot of frustration for people shopping for new homes for sale. Because you can’t find the home you want in the neighborhood you love or keep getting outbid on homes you thought were perfect. Maybe there’s a home or two that seems ok, even, but they’re a lot of work and honestly—you’re not the DIY type?


Then a quick move-in home could be the perfect option for you (sometimes referred to as a QMI home). Here are a few things worth considering before you decide to start shopping for new construction homes.

You’re on a tight timeline

A big reason people choose to shop for new construction homes is timing—they’re typically ready when you are. Compared to building a new home from scratch, you’ll be saving a ton of time. But you’ll also save time compared to shopping existing homes too, which is why new construction homes are also referred to as quick move-in homes.


Negotiating items with a seller can set back your timing schedule, and you’re more likely to have surprises pop up along the way—especially after your home inspection. With new construction, your new home builders can provide a pretty clear timeline. And they’re more likely to be able to stick to it.

You want personalization options and designer guidance

While building a new home from scratch can be thrilling because you can have almost anything you want as long as you can afford it—having everything you want isn’t always the best idea, especially when it comes to resale value. From scratch home construction also requires a lot of hiring and working with contractors to make sure that everything is done to your liking.


The benefit of new construction homes is the ability to personalize key features while having the opportunity to choose from designer-curated options. At Pulte, this is referred to as Life Tested Home Design® and it means that we’ve taken years of feedback from our customers to curate only the best type of layouts and design options.


You’re looking for a neighborhood to grow with

If you’re a young family or retired and looking for an active adult community, new home construction could make a lot of sense for you. QMI homes are attractive to many younger families who are looking to be in desirable neighborhoods with top-ranked schools. That means the opportunity to build up your neighborhood and community with families that are a lot like yours.


For older adults that are attracted to an active lifestyle, 55+ active adult communities are a great way to find people that have a similar mindset. Those types of new construction homes also tend to offer amenities and additional benefits that cater to making life feel more hassle-free.

You have a set budget

Quick move-in homes are also great for budgeting. You’re less likely to run into unexpected expenses during the offer period and after you’ve already moved in. And if you’re not inclined to shop around for mortgage companies, you can find home builders who have mortgage companies built into their process. This could be great for people who are truly on a strict timeline and need a mortgage company that has experience with the new construction home process.



Your search for new homes for sale can get discouraging when everyone is competing for limited inventory. But you can take some of the stress out of your search by considering new construction homes. Quick move-in homes offer a more upfront timeline and allow you to make just the right amount of personalization for your home to feel like it’s truly yours.



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Published 8.27.2021

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