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How to Create an Organized Pantry on Any Budget

Most people appreciate a well laid out kitchen style with unique features suited to their preferences (think ample task lighting for the culinary artist in your house), but EVERYONE loves a pantry space to fit all the food and prep items they need on a daily basis.

Having a large pantry is fantastic, but no matter the size you’ll still want to maximize your space. With a well-organized pantry, not only can you prepare meals quicker, but you can also make your shopping list faster since you can see what you’re running low on. Here are some easy pantry organization ideas to help you create a pantry that frees up space in your kitchen and looks great.


Organized Pantry Lighting & Layout

The first thing to take into consideration is your layout. Whether you have a big walk-in pantry or a smaller one, taking the time to plan is the key to creating the perfect usable space. Take a look at your shelves. If you have deep shelves, you’ll want to use every inch. A few ideal storage options are larger baskets or spinning Lazy Susan’s which make finding items in the far corners much easier. Check out these examples on Pinterest. If your shelves aren’t as deep, go vertical with your containers.

Lighting is another important point you don’t want to leave out. Make sure your space is well-lit from the ceiling as well as underneath and above the shelves. Your local hardware store should have easy-to-install battery operated puck lights. These little disks will light up your area and make finding what you need a cinch.


Kitchen Pantry Storage Categories & Zones

Next, list out the main categories you’ll want in your pantry. For example, if you’re a baker, you’ll want all of your flour, sugar, and baking supplies together. Are you and your family health-conscience? If so, it's smart to have healthy choices like protein powder and bars together. For hungry kids, make sure you have the go-to snacks in an easy-to-reach area.

For those gourmet cooks, consider a section for your culinary delights like anchovies, clams, garlic, and flavored vinegar. You may even want your recipe box, and favorite cookbooks close by. The best kitchen pantry organizer ideas are built around you and your family’s lifestyle.


Pantry Storage Containers

Who doesn’t love storage containers? But before you dash out to the store make sure you take measurements first. You’ll need shelf depth and height, as well as length. If you are lucky enough to live near The Container Store® or Ikea®, those are wonderful stores to get ideas, and you will find lots of options to choose from. Whatever you choose, it’s smart to buy a few extras so you don’t run short.

The two most common choices for food storage are glass or plastic. Mason jars with their tight-fitting lids and classic look are always a good choice no matter what your style is. But, if you have kids, there are some excellent plastic alternatives. In fact, often it’s hard to tell if a container is glass or plastic.


Pantry Cans and Spice Organizers

If you have a large family and shop at wholesale stores like Costco®, you probably buy in bulk to save money and time. Having a well-designed canned food organizer makes spotting what you need easy. You can find lots of different choices on Amazon® from vertical wire chrome racks to clear plexiglass can holders.

And don’t forget the beloved spice rack. If you’re lucky enough to have a family member who does woodwork, ask them for one as a housewarming gift! You’ll enjoy it for years to come.

If you use lots of spices, you might consider a pantry door spice rack. They are space-saving, store lots of jars, and make finding the right spice super easy.



Pantry Organization Labels

Make sure you label as much as possible. You might think you won’t forget what’s in the jar, but next time you go to use the contents, it could be another story.

There are many different labels choices and styles. Use them to add some pizzazz and express yourself. A fun place to get ideas is Pinterest where you can find free printable labels for canisters, spices, bottles, and jars.


Creating the perfect pantry for your family’s lifestyle is fun. Learn more about Pulte’s oversized pantry designs and other Life Tested® features here.


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Published 8.17.19

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