Why Buy New Home Construction in Columbus

In recent years, Columbus, Ohio, has experienced impressive growth. The local economy is strong and more families are moving to the city to enjoy easy access to amenities, safe neighborhoods and excellent school systems. The influx of people has also created a competitive housing market, which has made buying new home construction an attractive alternative to purchasing an existing home. If you are looking for a new home in Columbus, Ohio, here are some reasons why you should consider new home construction versus resale.


Simplify the Bidding Process and Secure Your Home

A competitive real estate market means that you have to move fast when it comes to placing a bid on a new home. Sellers often stop accepting offers just 24 hours after listing their home. Placing a winning bid means constantly staying on top of the market, being prepared to make snap decisions and submitting offers well over the asking price. This can be a stressful and time-consuming process that leaves you overpaying for a home that you might not be completely in love with in the first place.


While many people assume that building a new home is just too stressful (a common myth about new construction), it can actually be less chaotic than trying to purchase a home in a competitive real estate market. You can buy an ideal lot in your choice of neighborhoods and build a customized home to fit all your needs. This approach will allow you to enjoy the best Columbus has to offer without going over budget.


Avoid Surprises and Repairs

Purchasing an older home means that it has already experienced some wear and tear and could need repairs not long after you move in. While the home inspection process is designed to identify any major problems and allow buyers to make a purchase with full knowledge about the condition of the home, it isn’t a failproof process. Inspectors aren’t required to examine every part of the house and it is possible for them to miss a problem. Even if the home is in good condition, there is no guarantee that an appliance or the HVAC system won’t malfunction and leave you with repair or replacement bill. 


When you buy new construction in Columbus, you can feel more confident that the home is in good condition. Perhaps best of all, if anything does go wrong, everything should be under warranty, so you won’t have to worry about paying out of pocket for repairs. Buying a new home can help you avoid costly surprises that can be a financial burden.


Customize Your Home

Buying an older home means that you are also buying the previous owner’s personal taste and style. While you may be able to personalize the home with a new coat of paint and other cosmetic touches, even these will cost time and money. More extensive renovations may have to wait, which means living in a home that doesn’t quite feel like you.


New construction will allow you to customize your home to reflect your style and fit your family. Your new home will be move-in ready and fully functional so that you can settle-in without having to worry about tackling a long to-do list.


Choose the Perfect Neighborhood

As the saying goes: real estate is all about location, location, location. With new home construction happening throughout Columbus, Ohio, you can find the perfect neighborhood for you and your family. Whether you want to cut down on your commute time or make sure that your kids can attend a certain school, there are plenty of available options so that you can find the right location. With communities being built in the heart of Columbus and in surrounding cities, there are plenty of new home options to choose from.    


If you are interested in buying new home construction in Columbus, Ohio, be sure to work with the area’s most trusted builder. Pulte Homes can help you create a custom home to fit your budget and your family. Choose from available new construction or work with us to design and build a unique home an innovative floor plan, integrated technology and sophisticated details. Contact us today to learn more.



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Published 11.3.19

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