Top Living Room Colors for 2020

If you're not quite sure how to give your living room a redesign, a great place to start is with a stunning new paint color. Not sure which one to choose? This year's top living room colors are bigger and bolder than ever and can offer a spectacular new setting for your living room decor and home design.


Gray Matters

Gray has been a favorite paint color for home interiors for the past decade and it shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, the most sophisticated home design trends include paint colors of all shades mixed with a smoky gray finish.


Why does gray work so well as a living room color? It offers all of the following:



Gray offers a truly neutral backdrop for every type of interior home design and every type of living room decor. Whether you prefer a stark, ultra-modern black and white color palette or favor rustic hues, you’re sure to find a gray shade that allows the beauty of your furnishings and finishes to stand out.



There is just something about the richness of a gray palette that reads upscale and elegant. Perhaps it is its association with beautiful metallics like silver, platinum, and pewter, or the way that it sets off the richness of jewel tones — for an updated, upgraded, luxe interior, gray has everything you’re looking for.



Gray is no one-note color. From almost-white icy gray to deep, rich charcoal, the grayscale color palette provides a wide variety of shades to match your preferences. If you want to emphasize the light airiness of a coastal home, choose a pale blue-gray the color of the ocean mist. For an elegant interior full of dark wood finishes, lean toward the warmth of a slate gray shade.


Moody Blues

Blue has ranked at the top of “Favorite Color” lists for at least the last century and even psychologists have conducted studies to find out why so many people love the color. Whether you lean toward a pale, icy shade, deep navy blue, or a charming periwinkle, if you’re wild for blue, you’re in good company.


One reason to love blue is its versatility. Depending on the shade you choose, you can have a blue-leaning green, gray, white, or purple, making it a great color to choose if you’re looking for a design compromise. In addition, there’s just something about the hue that brings us back to our roots, suggesting shades of the sea and sky, offering you the opportunity to bring the outside into your living room’s decor.

Earth Tones

The current focus on the environment has generated a new interest in earth tones, from greens to beiges and even bolder colors, like tangerine and mustard yellow. These shades fit in perfectly with the growing popularity of indoor gardening and offer a gorgeous backdrop for all of those fiddle leaf figs and succulent walls.


Paler shades of earth tones are great as a neutral backdrop for bright, colorful furniture and accessories while bolder colors work well with more neutral upholstery and design elements. When choosing earth tones, be sure to paint swatches on different walls, especially in rooms where the sun comes in at various angles during the day. You’ll find that these tones appear to change colors according to the sun’s position and the direction of the windows in a room, so choosing the right shade is a must.


What are the best colors for crown molding and window trim?

For 2020, the old rules of white trim for contrast around door frames, windows, and on crown and floor molding no longer apply. Currently, designers are also choosing black when they want to emphasize a contrast or painting the trim work the same color as the room’s interior.


If you’re going for a tone-on-tone look, provide definition by differentiating the paint sheen rather than the color. Use a shinier version of your wall color for your trim work to add extra dimension. This can work whether you favor a dark, rich color or a light, bright one — the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.


Wherever you are looking for a new home builder — and for design inspiration for your space — you’ll find everything you need in a Pulte home. Check out our Mood Color Guide for more ideas to make your home a reflection of you.



Contributed to Your Home blog by Christy Murdock Edgar

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Published 2.12.2020

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