Townhome Vs. Detached Home – Which is Best for You?

When you think about the word "house," what do you see? A standalone building with a white picket fence and lush backyard? Or a charming rowhouse in a welcoming neighborhood? Detached homes and townhomes both have their advantages and inconveniences in terms of lifestyles, homeownership costs, etc. So how can you determine which home style is best for you?


Detached homes do not share any common walls with their neighbors. They own the land they stand on and can usually be found in rural or suburban areas. Meanwhile, townhouses, like patio homes, have at least one common wall with other similar style homes – which doesn’t mean there is little room left for home customization, at least in terms of layout. They are common in cities, but also suburbs and more recent developments.


Townhomes – Benefits and Drawbacks

Benefits of Townhomes

If you want to own a new home without having to deal with the hassle of maintaining a large property, then townhomes are for you. The Home Owner Association takes care of some, if not most, of the daily running of the operations, from basic yard work to significant repairs like redoing the roof.


Townhomes are usually more affordable than detached homes, so you will have plenty of time and money to focus on what you love. Besides, townhouses offer the benefit of being in the heart of a community. New townhomes are built in neighborhoods that sometimes offer resort-like amenities while remaining in locations with convenient access to the city center.


Drawbacks of Townhomes

What you gain in convenience, you lose in privacy. Because of the proximity between houses, you will be largely dependent upon the good behavior of your neighbors. Besides, Home Owner Associations come with numerous regulations: for example, depending on your community, there may be pet breed restrictions, or you may not be allowed to use the communal amenities on some occasions.


Who Typically Buys Townhomes?

New townhomes are a great place to live for people who have little time or interest in dealing with the downsides of homeownership or large yards. They attract empty-nesters looking to downsize and young families or singles who are looking for conveniences over more space.


Detached Homes – Benefits and Drawbacks

Benefits of Detached Homes

On paper, detached homes are the ultimate homeownership dream. They are typically larger than townhouses, both inside and out. Most detached homes have access to some outdoor space, whether it is a stamp-sized backyard in densely populated areas or sprawling acres of land in more rural neighborhoods.


Besides, since they do not share any common element with their neighbors, detached homes are often more private than townhouses. No need to worry about noisy neighbors anymore!


Drawbacks of Detached Homes

Unfortunately, the privacy and space of detached homes come at a price. They are usually more expensive to purchase in the first place, and depending on setting, you may still be working with a Home Owners Association or HOA. Homeownership costs are typically higher than those of a townhouse as well since the owner is responsible for all the repairs the house may need. The homeowner is also in charge of all the maintenance that comes with larger spaces. You will need to set time aside (or pay someone) to mow the lawn, clear up the driveway if it snows, etc.


Finally, detached homes are usually located further away from the city centers, which can be a damper if you want to be in the heart of it all.


Who Typically Buys Detached Homes?

Detached homes are a great fit for households in need of space, such as families with growing children who will appreciate a yard to play in. You will need to dedicate the time and energy to keep the property in good running condition.


Whether you prefer townhome living or the space of detached homes, new home builders like Pulte offer multiple options in their communities across the country. Your next home could be a click away!



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Published 9.1.20

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