Choosing the Right Tile Color for Your Home

Tile’s versatility in size, style, color, and pattern has made it a popular home feature for centuries. That range does present a challenge when picking the right tile color for your home design. You want tile choices to complement your personal style and your living space, but what’s right for you? 


Common home design advice is to start with a color wheel. In spaces where you want energy or to make a statement, pick colors on opposite ends of the wheel. Use corresponding color wheel hues in spaces where you want to relax. Another tip is to look at contemporary color trends, like the color of the year or trending pairings.



Some home designers prefer neutral color choices to appeal to wider audiences, especially in their flooring. After all, it’s easier to paint a wall than to replace flooring.


Another consideration is the room’s size and layout. Lighter and neutral colors help small spaces feel larger. Dark tiles favor larger areas with plenty of light


Tile’s ease to clean makes it a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms, both on the floor and for backsplashes. New home builders often include tile as an option for home flooring choices. When making your decision, what tile is best for these spaces?


Choosing Kitchen Tile

Kitchens tend to be high-traffic areas. Most homeowners want to disguise dirt and spills on their kitchen floor.


Tans, creams, and greys are especially good at hiding dust and fine dirt. Select a floor kitchen tile with multiple colors, like in a mottled pattern, a gradient, or terrazzo. The speckled coloring better hides dirt and debris.


Backsplashes are places for homeowners to be creative and make design statements. Do pick colors that complement the kitchen floor and cabinets. Darker colors better hide grease splatters from cooking. But kitchen tile with lighter colors makes smaller kitchens feel more spacious. 


Choosing Bathroom Tile

Bathrooms range from half-baths to spacious spa suites with jetted tubs. To pick the right bathroom tile color that matches your home design, think about what you want to feel when walking into the bathroom. 


Create a relaxing space with lighter bathroom tile colors in a neutral or natural color palette. Or, make a statement by picking a unique tile shape in bold colors. Bright-colored tile makes showers and baths pop.


Keep in mind the lighting. Some bathrooms lack windows, while others are awash with natural light. Bounce back light with lighter colors. Darker tile hues in smaller bathroom spaces absorb light, making it feel smaller and more cluttered.


Tile Color Choices

Think of tile as a piece of art. The color and layout can create a focal point, or its subtlety lets something else shine as the star. Base your decisions on the size, lighting, and layout of the kitchen or bathroom. These tile color choices will become a central part of your home design. 



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