What Can a Smart Home Do? Optimizing Your Smart Home System

The promise of smart home design reads like something out of science fiction: automatic systems throughout the home, designed to create a seamless experience just one step short of a robot maid. The reality often seems to fall short. Disconnected elements, unreliable voice controls, and quickly outdated technology has made some homeowners wary of taking smart home technology too seriously.


However, in a fully integrated package, smart home technology can work in ways that are just short of miraculous. The key? Integration. Stop thinking of your smart home as a collection of individual functions and start thinking of it as a series of sequences designed to optimize various daily experiences. By thinking through your daily routines then integrating your smart devices in order to automate them, you’ll enhance your life and make better use of your smart home.


Making Your Smart Home System Work for You

A truly intelligent home doesn’t mean you serve the technology; it puts the technology at your service. Think through the way you’re already doing things every day, then look at how you can simplify each process with smart technology.


Scenarios for Intelligent Homes

Here are a few things you already do each day. Of course, you can add as many different sequences as you like to make this truly customized for your family’s needs.


Good Morning

Wake up in the morning to the perfect, pre-set temperature on your Nest smart thermostat. Use Amazon Echo voice controls to turn on lights in the bathroom and kitchen and to start the coffee brewing with a smart outlet. Listen to the temperature and get up-to-the-minute news updates just by asking Alexa. In a rush? You can make sure you turned off the lights, coffeepot, curling iron and more with your phone, plus double check that the door is locked.


Welcome Home

Arriving back home after a long day? Arms full of groceries? Unlock the Schlage door lock, turn on the lights, and reset the thermostat from the comfort of your car, then carry those bags in with ease. Tell Alexa to start the pre-selected “Welcome Home” playlist on your Sonos speaker system while you start dinner. Time for the kids to do homework? Tell Alexa it’s time to turn off the TV so study time can start.


Family Dinner

Look up a recipe on your tablet; with wireless access points, you’ll always get a strong signal. Tell Alexa to turn on the dining room lights before you walk in with a stack of plates or a hot dish. Start a “Dinner Time” playlist to enjoy during the meal, then tell Alexa to start the after-dinner coffee brewing while you’re still chatting with the family.


Bath time and Bedtime

When it’s time for the kids’ baths, remotely turn off the TV and turn up the heat. While you’re drying their hair, tell Alexa to dim the lights in their bedrooms and turn on some soothing music perfect for a bedtime story. Once they’ve drifted off to sleep, you can turn off lights and music from your phone, without waking anyone up.


Company’s Coming

Friends or family visiting? They can arrive whenever they like, whether you’re home or not. Since you can open the Liftmaster garage door or your front door from anywhere, they’re never left out in the cold. Give them a warm welcome by turning up the heat, turning on the lights, and starting some music playing remotely. They’ll be feeling right at home in no time.


Smart home tech is really about creating the best possible setting for your everyday life. Too many times we don’t fully enjoy our homes because it’s too much hassle to coordinate schedules, pick out music for dinner, or nag the kids to stop watching TV. When the perfect lighting, the perfect temperature, and the perfect soundtrack are all available just for the asking, every morning, mealtime, and bedtime is more special.


Designing a Smart Home System You’ll Love

Don’t you deserve a little more comfort in your day? We think of efficiency as a cold concept, but when it comes to smart home design, it’s all about bringing more warmth, more ease, and more relaxation to your home life. When you never have to worry about an unlocked door or a forgotten appliance, you can enjoy your day more. When you never have to stumble through an unlit room or worry that the kids forgot their house key, you’ll all feel more secure. Put your smart home to work for you and your family and see what a difference it makes.


Still have questions? Visit our smart home systems FAQs page where we answer some commonly asked questions.



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Published 7.5.19

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