Tips for Building A Home Gym

If you love working out, but don’t have the time to get to the gym, consider building a gym at home. Here are the top reasons to consider an in-home gym.

Why Build an In-Home Gym?



Convenience is on the top of the list for busy people. That is especially true for anyone who wants to get into or stay in good shape. There’s nowhere to drive; everything you need is right at home. Exercise by yourself or with your spouse or friends - it’s your choice because it’s your house. An in-home gym is also a good idea if you work from home. Take a break and do a quick work out.



The other thing that’s so great about having your own gym is you can customize it any way you want. From the equipment to the decor - you choose all of the options. By having a custom gym, you won’t be using equipment that won’t help you reach your goals. And, you won’t have to wait in line for your favorite machine.


No Rules

Anyone who’s gone to a gym knows how annoying some rules can be. With an in-home gym, you make the rules! Along with that, you know that your equipment is clean and sanitary, and your shower is just down the hall.


Home Gym Ideas

Generally, you’ll want to build your gym on the bottom floor and preferably on concrete. That way if you drop any heavy barbells or dumb bells you won't damage the floor. One way to protect your flooring is to install horse stall mats. These high impact rubber interlocking mats are the perfect solution for an in-home gym. Depending on what type of exercise you’ll be doing, consider large wall mirrors from floor to ceiling.


Take the money you'd typically spend on an expensive gym membership and use that cash to create your own space instead. Make sure you include not only the exercise equipment but also a good sound system so you can exercise with your favorite music playing.


Here are our top ideas for basic gym setups to help you reach your fitness goals.


General Fitness

Everyone has their idea of what general fitness is. From strength and cardio goals to flexibility and mobility, the setup is your choice. This type of workout space is easy to create and incredibly flexible. For example, if you and your spouse have different workout routines, no problem - create his and her spaces. Or, if you’re into yoga you might consider having a big screen TV installed so you can watch the latest videos.


Strength Training

No matter what your age, strength training should be on the top of your list. Some of the advantages are increased muscle mass, improved metabolism, increased bone density, mental and cognitive benefits, mood elevation, and stress relief. You’ll be stronger and happier when you are strength training regularly. We’ll list the equipment to buy down below.



Doing rehabilitation exercises at home has the considerable advantage of privacy. Plus, you can go at your own pace. The type of equipment you'll need will depend on your particular circumstances or goals. When you do rehab exercise at home, you can rest comfortably during and after the workout. It's nice to know you can simply walk down the hall to shower and take a nap.


Best Home Gym Equipment

There are hundreds of options and possibilities, but here are some of our favorites:


Cardio Equipment

For general cardio you can go with the conventional treadmill or stationary bike. You might also check out a good rowing machine like a water rower or Concept2 rower. Don’t forget the old-fashioned jump rope.


Strength Training

For an all-in-one set up, you can’t go wrong with the Total Gym. Or, for bodybuilding and powerlifting, you can get set up with just a few pieces of equipment like a barbell with plates or bumpers, and dumbbells.  You’ll also need an adjustable bench to lay on. The best time to buy this equipment is in January - you can find some impressive sales.



Exercise explicitly designed for rehabilitation will vary from person to person, and so will the equipment. The best way to find out what you need is to ask your physical therapist or chiropractor. Many times, they can give you a list of simple exercises and equipment to get started.


Want even more ideas of how to customize your new home? Learn how to create a home library.



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Published 9.12.19

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