Building a House Step-By-Step

Are you thinking about having a new house built? There’s a lot to know. Read on to see how to build a house step-by-step from start to finish. You’ll find out what to expect and how to make sure your home is high-quality and built to last.


Home Building Steps

Let’s look at an overview of the home building process one step at a time:

1.    Site Preparation - Get the property ready to build on.

2.    Foundation - Pour the concrete.

3.    Framing - Construct the roof system, walls, and subfloor.

4.    Systems - Install the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems.

5.    Insulation - Install insulation throughout the house.

6.    Walls - Finish off the walls and begin putting on exterior finishes.

7.    Trim - Complete interior trim. Install exterior driveways and walkways.

8.    Flooring/Style - Install flooring, cabinets, countertops, and wrap up the exterior.

9.    Finishing Work - Complete the trimming, finish bathrooms, and apply exterior details.

10.  Final Inspection - Work with your builder to inspect and sign off on work.

11.  Celebrate! - Your home is ready for you and your family.


Need some additional detail? Here are those same steps with more information.


Site Preparation

Depending on the terrain and condition of the lot, the preparation may include clearing trees or unwanted bushes, rough grading, and modifying any slopes as needed so the site is level. Once that’s done, stake out the house.



The concrete your house is built on and the block wall construction are the most important components in building a new home. A well-built foundation keeps your home safe from settling and protects it against the elements. It must be poured by an experienced contractor and inspected properly so that it lasts for a very long time.



This is the step where your home begins to take shape. Walls and roof supports are erected, doorways are set in place, and windows are framed.


Major Systems

This step involves setting up your home's electrical system, installing plumbing, and HVAC systems.



Make sure there’s high-quality insulation installed under the house, in the walls, and attic.


Walls & Finishes

This includes drywalling interior walls and applying any interior finishes like plaster or stone. Exterior wall finishes are done as well.



Your home is nearing completion and crews are applying trim. Outside, concrete for driveways and walkways are poured or installed.


Flooring & Style

Your home is coming along. Flooring is being laid. Cabinets and countertops are being installed. Crews have begun completion of the exterior.


Finishing Work

This is the polishing step with the installation of bathroom faucets and mirrors. Light fixtures are connected, and your home is completed.


Final Inspection

This is the stage when you examine and sign off on work. A quality builder will have you inspect each step along the way, so this isn’t the only inspection.



Your home is complete. How will you celebrate?


But, first things first - before you begin the actual building, you'll need to have a design in mind. We'll cover that next.


Design Your Own Home

Many people who want a newly built home are drawn to planned communities like these in Florida because along with the home designs, they appreciate the amenities.


New home builder, Pulte Homes, offers clients a variety of custom home design options and online tools. These include interactive tools for:


With the right tools, you'll be able to create a unique home that fits your needs and lifestyle perfectly. It's inspiring and a lot of fun to design and build a new home. For most people, it's a milestone that ushers in a lifetime of beautiful memories.


Home Buyer Inspection

The home buyer inspection is a crucial stage in the home building process. When thinking about buying a pre-owned home, you'll need a home inspector to examine the property. That way you're aware of any potential problems before you make an offer.


When building a new home, the home buyer inspection is where you'll look for incomplete steps or errors in construction. You'll also look for omissions and deviations from your specifications. You're paying a specified price for that home based on those specifications, so it's important to get everything you requested.


In this step, you'll perform a walkthrough and a builder's representative will work with you to check things off the list as you go. Be sure to look inside closets and cabinets, turn light switches on and off, run the taps and use the mechanicals to make sure everything works as it should. You don't want to sign off on anything that isn't working properly.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide into the steps of building a home. Pulte is one of the preeminent home builders in the United States. If you are ready to turn your custom home dreams into a reality, we are happy to help you get started on this journey!



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Published 9.24.19

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