More Than Music - Living In Nashville

People from around the country are flocking to Nashville to take advantage of the great food, culture, music and weather. In recent years, Nashville has continued to climb up the list of best places to live in the United States. While most people associate the city with country music, Nashville is teeming with creative energy that is feeding innovation in a variety of industries. Learn more about how this southern city has become a destination for families, young professionals and artists.


Nashville Food – Great Food Options

With such a vibrant music scene, it only makes sense that Nashville would eventually come to host an equally robust culinary world to meet the needs of tourists and music fans who need a good meal to go along with their night on the town. Today, the city is nearly as popular for its food as it is for its music.

If you want to experience true southern cuisine that embodies the best of Nashville, then you have to try the local specialty: hot chicken. This dish is made of spicy fried chicken that is heavily spiced with cayenne and served up on white bread with pickles. It might sound like a simple recipe, but it is one that many have tried to duplicate without luck. Head to Hattie B’s Hot Chicken where you can choose your spice level and experience an authentic Nashville style meal.

For those who are looking for a more upscale dining experience or want to try some exotic cuisine, there are plenty of highly rated options to choose from. Chauhan Ale and Masala House is known for their unique combination of Indian and Southern inspired dishes and extensive list of delicious vegetarian meals. If you are in the mood for an elevated yet classic surf and turf meal, Jeff Ruby’s is the place to go.  Choose from among an extensive menu of steaks and sushi for a memorable dining experience.


Nashville Climate – Mild and Comfortable

Another characteristic of Nashville that is attracting people is the moderate climate. While the area can experience some hot and humid days, the summers are typically warm and enjoyable. During the colder months, temperatures stay above freezing so that residents get to experience all four seasons without having to go through a harsh winter. While there isn’t snow on the ground throughout the winter, residents can expect a handful of snowfalls that provide a taste winter without being snowed in for weeks at a time.


Nashville Activities – Lots to Do

Nashville truly is a vibrant city full of unique activities to enjoy. While most people don’t associate the south with hockey, but the Predators have one of the best teams and fan bases in the country. You can also catch an NFL game or visit a smaller venue to watch the Nashville rollergirls skate it out in intense bouts. During the day, be sure to visit the Nashville Zoo and check out some of the local historic sites, including the final home of Andrew Jackson.


Nashville Music – The Music City

While other cities may try to claim that they are the music capital, Nashville ranks number one for its concentration of musician jobs. For residents, that means plenty of music venues and great shows to choose from every day of the week. Smaller venues like Mercy Lounge and The Basement are known for hosting established acts and introducing up and comers. And, of course, the Grand Ole Opry still reigns supreme as the nation’s premier venue for country and bluegrass acts.

With so much to see and experience, Nashville continues to attract new residents and provide a great place to live.



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Published 12.26.19

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