Best Riverfront Restaurants in Louisville

Louisville, which sits on the Ohio River along the Indiana border, is Kentucky's largest city. It’s also the world-famous host of the Kentucky Derby, which takes place every year at the Churchill Downs racecourse. But there are plenty more Louisville attractions to enjoy, including the many things to do along the Louisville riverfront. Perhaps the most popular attractions though, are Louisville restaurants.


Here are just a few Louisville restaurants, located on the riverfront, that offer captivating views of the Ohio River. And if these restaurants are enough to tempt you to make a move, we have some suggestions on new construction homes in Louisville that might be worth checking out.



This isn’t a glamorous Louisville restaurant, but it is right off the riverfront and KingFish has a glamor-esque sort of tale. Its first restaurant was opened with a refrigerator of fish, two fryers, and a cooler of beer—in a building that the original owners, Russell Austin and Henry Burns, built themselves on Derby Day in 1948. Over the years the restaurant has changed hands and opened and closed a few locations around town, but it’s been locally owned for all of its 70 years.


The riverfront location offers drinks, live music, and ample outdoor seating. Their menu offers a range of fried, grilled, and broiled fish along with soups, salads, and various sides.


Swizzle Dinner & Drinks


Looking for something a little more classy? Take your dinner up a notch at Swizzle Dinner & Drinks. Established in 2020, Swizzle is a newer Louisville restaurant located on the 25th Floor of the Galt House Hotel's West Tower promising that every seat has a view. Offering contemporary American cooking executed with style, finesse, and an elevated supper club sensibility—the menu offers a range of options from prime steaks and chops to sustainable seafood and local produce. They also have a large wine list that’s been carefully selected and offer a slew of old-fashioned cocktails. The overall decor is minimal.


If you make reservations ahead of time, you could have an opportunity to sit in the dining room area which offers large windows surrounding a center floor that slowly turns to provide every seat a full river view. Or if you happen to visit on an impulse, there is also first come first serve bar seating that guests say is easy and still convenient enough to see a glimpse of the Ohio River.


Portage House


While the list of Louisville restaurants is extensive, one of the best spots near the Louisville waterfront is actually located just over the border in Jefferson, Indiana. Why does Portage House make the list of Louisville restaurants? Well, for starters—it’s a locally owned, family business. And it’s just minutes away from downtown Louisville. Plus, of all the restaurants located along the Louisville waterfront, this one is one of the most highly rated.


Located in a converted house, the best Louisville riverfront views can be found on the patio. The overall vibe of the place is casual and you can expect more southern-inspired cuisine—think fried chicken, cornmeal catfish, sausage, and smashed potatoes.


So, what are you waiting for? Outside of fantastic Louisville restaurants, there are plenty of other Louisville attractions to make a visit to Louisville worth your while (including these historic Louisville sights). Thinking about moving to Louisville? Find your perfect new construction home in Louisville with Pulte Homes. With locations near Louisville restaurants, attractions and more, you can discover why Louisville is a great place for families. And if you’re on the fence about buying, here is a brief look at renting vs. buying in the Louisville area.



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Published 11.23.2021

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