5 Reasons to Move to Charlotte

Known as the most populous city in the state of North Carolina, and the third-fastest growing city in the United States, is the sparkling city of Charlotte. From its diverse neighborhoods and booming job market to its family friendly activities and warm subtropical climate, the city has plenty of perks that are sure to tantalize any potential transplant. Whether you enjoy the warm southern hospitality, the exciting activities, or the endless opportunities, Charlotte offers perks for everyone. Explore with us and learn why so many professionals and families are making new homes in Charlotte.


Cost of Living in Charlotte

One of the major factors that draws prospective transplants to move to Charlotte is the cost of living. Quite simply, Charlotte allows your money to stretch farther. In other words, residents enjoy “more bank for their buck” without sacrificing livelihood and their quality of life. In some states, residents are forced to move to rural, and often desolate areas in order to find a home in their price range. Charlotte, on the other hand, allows residents to live in pleasant and peaceful neighborhoods, regardless of their budget. According to PayScale, Charlotte’s low crime rate, and dirt cheap housing costs are why so many are flocking to the city. Charlotte’s housing prices are ranked 23% below the national average, making it one of the most affordable housing markets in the city. The cost of utilities measure at 14% below the national average, and the city’s overall cost of living is ranked at 9% lower than the rest of the county. The cost of living in Charlotte makes it one of the many attractions that draws transplants from all over the country. 


Diverse Charlotte Neighborhoods

Charlotte is full of diverse neighborhoods of every price range and lifestyle. Some single professionals may prefer the excitement of a sprawling downtown metropolis area, while families with children may prefer the suburbs with nearby schools. No matter the preference, Charlotte has the perfect neighborhood for you!


Central Charlotte

Also known as Charlotte City Center, Central Charlotte is home to many tech startups, museums, edgy upscale restaurants, and large corporations. Central Charlotte isn’t just a metropolis for high-rise buildings and social outings, but the area is home to many condos and Victorian homes.



Resting on the banks of Lake Norman is the neighborhood of Huntersville. Huntersville lies just 15 miles north of Charlotte and is not only known for its low crime rate, but also features a lake for the whole family to enjoy. Huntersville features 18 parks, gyms, and multi-purpose facilities, making it the perfect neighborhood for families with children. In addition to enjoying the lake, new homes in Huntersville enjoy some of the best schools in the Charlottesville district. 


Myers Park

Nestled in South Charlotte is the prestigious neighborhood of Myers Park. Known for its “old money” residents, Myers Park is home to oak tree-lined streets, prestigious mansions, and long, curving driveways. Families instantly fall in love with Myers Park. It’s charm, it's delicious eating opportunities, and its traffic-free roads are just a few of the exciting amenities that make Myers Park special to its residents.


These are just a few of the wonderful neighborhoods that grace Charlottesville. The city is filled with so many more great neighborhoods.


Booming Job Market

Charlotte’s job market is booming. The fact that major Fortune 500 Companies are located in Charlotte brings many job opportunities and blossoming careers to the city. In addition, the city is a major financial center, and is now America’s second largest banking center, which brings more career opportunities to Charlotte.


Charlotte is also a major center for the U.S motorsport industry. NASCAR has many of its offices in Charlotte, and roughly 75% of the company's employees are located in the city.


Awesome Things to Do

Charlotte is filled with exciting activities that range from attractions for kids, to fun events for adults. No matter what you have in mind, Charlotte has something exciting for you to do. From nightclubs like Rooftop 210, to breweries like Sugar Creek Brewing keep adults entertained while attractions like Ray’s Splash Planet and Discovery Place Science are exciting amenities for children. However, no matter what you have in mind, Charlotte is filled with countless activities, amenities, museums and restaurants that any Charlotte resident can enjoy.


Family-Friendly Surroundings

The city of Charlotte is, in part, known for its family-friendly surroundings. With its low crime rate, multitude of family outing possibilities, and great school options, families don’t think twice about moving to Charlotte, NC. With many of its suburban neighborhoods designed for walkers and joggers, parents have a feeling of security knowing that their children are safe, living in a family friendly community. With its great southern-hospitality, and family-like communities, the city of Charlotte welcomes to your new home.


Ready to take the leap? Explore some of our new construction in Charlotte, NC to find the next place you will call home.



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Published 4.26.19

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