Luxury Kitchen Trends for 2019

The latest luxury kitchen designs are open spaces that dovetail perfectly with today's lifestyle. They've evolved into meal prep and entertaining areas that are as beautiful as they are functional. While most new homes incorporate luxury kitchens in their floor plans, homeowners with pre-built homes are modifying their cookeries to include these new design features.

Today's luxury kitchens boast large sinks and workspaces. The farmhouse and apron front sink are prevalent, as are high arc faucets. Quality cabinets are a must and range in style from ornate to sleek. Colors like blue and gold are showing up on both modern kitchen cabinets and appliances, but white never goes out of style. Below are more trending luxury kitchen design features.


Kitchen Design Ideas

It's not hard to get a profusion of kitchen design ideas when you look for inspiration in magazines or online. You can browse images and come up with plenty of ideas quickly. If you're building a new home, your builder will give ideas so you can design the perfect kitchen for you and your family. If you're renovating, most home improvement sites offer software to help you redesign your current space. You can also consult a licensed contractor who can advise you on possibilities and pitfalls.


One of the things that makes a significant impact on the kitchen design is cabinets. Cabinets establish the motif of your cook space. Luxury kitchen cabinets include features like soft-close hinges, dovetail drawer boxes, and cabin face frames. Currently, cabinet fronts come with a raised panel, recessed panel, or classic shaker style doors. Deep drawers are a must-have, and clever cabinet organizers will probably never go out of style. When it comes to colors, your cabinets can be dark and dramatic, muted, or brightly hued and still be in fashion.


Along with modern kitchen cabinets, a stunning backsplash finishes off your kitchen's style with exciting colors and patterns. Range hoods make a statement while doing the critical job of filtering the air.


Kitchen Layout

A big factor in luxury kitchen trends is the kitchen layout where space is critical. There is plenty of counter space for working and broader areas between workspaces, so you have room to create. Efficient cabinets have a place for everything and keep your kitchen neat and organized.


Peninsulas with seating are still a popular option, especially in smaller kitchens. Many have drawers and cupboards, some with appliances, sinks, or cooktops. Atop the islands, quartz is the material of choice for countertops, but marble is classic. In any case, luxury kitchen countertops are solid, natural, durable, and built to last.


Barstools are often found opposite the working side of the island and used for entertaining and eating daily meals. Typically, the dining area is situated adjacent to the island, but may also have its own room in more formal designs. Open floor plans have created expansive kitchens which are now a central feature of the house, and often integrated into the living area.


Kitchen Appliances

You'll find high-end kitchen appliances in these culinary spaces, often from makers like Whirlpool and Moen. Brands that make professional-level appliances have more capacity like wider ovens. You can choose a range or a cooktop and wall oven, with varying sizes to fit your family's needs.


For refrigeration, you'll see some impressive choices. French door refrigerators feature twin columns to keep your fresh food chilled and within easy reach. Freezer drawers make organizing your frozen foods easy. All doors and drawers glide effortlessly for a quality experience.


Undercounter appliances are making mealtime a breeze. Serve breakfast at your island or peninsula and gather up the dishes, then tuck them into the dishwasher under the chef's side of the counter. Flip the switch, and your meal is complete. Other built-ins include microwaves, wine closets, grills, and coffee machines.


Matte black finishes are beginning to appear in luxury kitchens. Paired with bronze handles, it's a dramatic touch.


Kitchen Lighting

When it comes to kitchen lighting, things have gotten gorgeous and incredibly functional. You can use recessed lighting or track lighting to brighten your workspace. You can also use pendant lights and chandeliers not only to illuminate but to add beauty to your kitchen's design. Under-cabinet lighting provides low levels of light that create drama as well as a touch of brightness where you prepare meals.


If you're building a new home, your builder will offer suggestions on light fixtures. Otherwise, match them to your motif. Your lighting should add functionality as well as contribute to the theme of your kitchen.


Good quality lighting is essential in today's kitchen. And now, you can use smart switches to adjust your lights with a simple voice command.


We hope this information about luxury kitchen trends for 2019 has given you lots of inspiration. Want to learn more about kitchen designs? Discover how Pulte designs kitchens around their customer’s needs and lifestyle.



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Published 9.12.19

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