5 Desk Organization Ideas for Kids School Desk Setups

Children can be messy. Between homework, school projects, and your child’s personal creative endeavors, his or her desk can quickly become a cluster of paper, dried glue, and rogue writing utensils. With school season starting to come into full swing, here are 5 easy desk organization ideas you can use to organize and prepare your child’s space for academic success.


1. Get Rid of Clutter

Kids desks can easily pile up with scrap paper, crumbs, dried glue, markers with missing caps, lone crayons, pencils, and pretty much everything that a child can come into contact with. However, this clutter serves your child no good when he or she is working on math homework. Clutter can seriously impact productivity and distract your child from getting his or her work done. Speaking of distractions, electronics are something that nearly every child has these days. However, make sure that tablets and televisions are something that you keep away from your child’s desk, as these can be extremely distracting, and prevent your child from getting work done.


2. Find A Place for Everything

One great way to avoid a messy desk is to have a place for everything. Cubbies, drawers, shelves, and even coffee mugs are great ways to give all of your child’s belongings a home. Furthermore, when your child is done with homework, he or she will know exactly where to put pencils, markers, staplers, and paper. Labels also make a great tool to help organize your kid’s desk. Knowing exactly where everything is supposed to go not only helps initially organize things, but helps keep everything in the right place in the future.


3. Get A Large Calendar

Calendars, especially large calendars, give your child a visual representation of what his or her schedule looks like. In addition to productivity, a large calendar provides a constant visual reminder of what your child’s deadlines are. Sometimes, busy schedules can cause your child to forget about that school project that is due, or the math homework that the teacher assigned a few days go. A large calendar helps him or her increase productivity, by staying on top of assigned work, and prevent procrastination!


4. Get A Comfy Chair

Children seem to be able to adapt to anything. However, an uncomfortable chair can really impact your child’s productivity without you, or them realizing it. When organizing your child’s desk, be sure to include a comfortable chair in their ergonomic desk setup.


5. Get Good Lighting

Ok, great! Your child’s desk setup is coming along, now what’s missing? Light! Having the proper desk lamp is just as important as any other aspect of a productive, ergonomic desk setup. According to the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, research shows that the proper lighting improves human performance, as well as mood. No matter which desk lamp you choose for your child’s desk, be sure it produces a cool light to increase productivity and boost his or her mood.


And there you have it! With these easy tips your child will have an organized, functional desk in no time! Still feeling creative? Here are some creative desk decor ideas that we love:


Desk Decor Ideas


Add A Blackboard

Instead of having a wooden surface as your kid’s desktop, try using a blackboard or whiteboard instead. This creative tip gives your child a surface that he or she can take notes on, draw creative sketches, and make personal reminders without the clutter of paper. Not only is this a green option, but its cuts down on clutter and can aid in better desk organization. If making your desk a blackboard isn’t an option, consider adding one by your child’s desk for easy use.


Take to the Walls

If desk and shelf space is limited, take to the walls to place markers, papers, and other supplies. Not only can this be an ergonomic storage option, but wall organizers can be quite stylish.


Add Stylish Small Storage

We have already talked about the importance of minimizing clutter on your child’s desk. You may not want spare pencils hanging around, but you don’t have to settle for just using a mug to hold loose writing utensils. If you are fortunate enough to have a built in desk option or homework station, you will likely have enough drawer and desk space to be able to invest in some fashionable storage items like a rose gold desk caddy or fabric baskets. Make sure your (or your child’s) style is represented in your desk space.


How to Keep A Desk Clean- An FAQ

Completed everything, but still have questions? We've got you covered! Here are some of our most frequently asked questions on how to keep a desk clean:


How do I keep my desk tidy?

Organization is the key to tidiness. Creating a home for all of your items is the easiest way to keep everything organized. Labels, cubbies, wall organizers, and shelves ensure that your items all have a home, therefore keeping your desk space free!


Why is it important to keep your desk clean?

A clean desk helps you concentrate. Studies have shown that messy desks impact productivity, so staying organized and maintaining a clean work space is important to staying productive.


What is the best way to clean a desk surface?

From blackboard surfaces to veneer desk tops, each desk surface requires different attention. Here is a guide to cleaning your desk surface.


How do I clear my desk?

When you have a bunch of different items on your desk and you don’t know where to start, try taking everything off your desk and separate items into two piles: “Need”, and “Don’t Need”. Your “Need” pile may include a stapler, pencils, pens, markers, etc., while your “Don’t Need” pile may consist of old notes, scratch paper, etc. From the pile of items you need, create a home for those items in like groups. From the pile of items you don’t need, decide which items can be thrown away, and which should stay. From the items that stay, find a discreet home for them.


How do I clean dust from my desk?

Dusters work great to clear dust from desks. Microfiber cloths work great to clear dust, while products like Swiffer also offers a convenient and fast dusting option to clear dust from your entire workspace.


We hope you’ve enjoyed these easy tips on how to organize your child’s desk. If organizing his or her desk has you in the spring cleaning type mood, or if your kids rooms need more cleaning and organizing than just their workspace, check out our guide to make cleaning fun. These easy tips not only incorporate the whole family, but they also help to clean the whole house!



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Published 8.13.19

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