Living Room Design Ideas for 2022

Ready to spruce up your living room for 2022? We’ve put together a list of living room ideas and trending living room décor that will help elevate your space into the now, with a few organizational tips to boot that will help you keep order in all of the chaos that life sometimes throws at you.


The Spruce Up

Updating your space doesn’t always require painting or all-new furniture. Moving pieces around a bit and adding a little living room décor can go a long way. Here are a few tips to make a big impact in your living room design without going over budget.

Change the flow of your living room design

Life has a habit of changing every day, but sometimes this happens in such small ways we don’t even notice it. The best way to approach your living room design layout is to consider how your habits have changed—or think of areas that are constantly giving you trouble.


Is there a spot where shoes always get left behind?  A corner of the couch that never seems to have enough light? Or maybe you eat dinner in your living room more times than you want to admit and it just never seems like there’s enough table space for everyone. While a lot of living room designs prioritize the look and feel, there’s no reason why you can’t include a little efficiency into your design.


Once you’ve considered some of these things, think about how you might move some of your furniture around to help accommodate your everyday life. This might include swapping out a piece of furniture or two. If you do, consider trading out what you have at a thrift store—you might even be able to get credit back for the piece you’re giving away. Want more tips like this? Here are five ways to create more space in your living room.

Create nooks

To help with organization, you might also consider breaking up your living room design into different sections. Creating dedicated spaces for different activities can not only improve the flow and function of your space but can also help inspire you to grow. Don’t be afraid to make space for the things you love or want to pursue.


Couches, tables, and storage cubbies are all great ways to break up and design space. If you want to add your living room décor, add in a few rugs also. Then consider how to pick the perfect lighting for your space. Larger light fixtures can draw people into space while pointed light is great for bringing attention to a specific living room design feature or providing the light you need to work or read.

Thematic Living Room Decor

If you’re the type of person who likes to switch things up often, then consider having a few main living room décor pieces that are easy to swap out. To make them feel more unified, consider picking a theme, like bold prints, neutral colors or southwestern flair. For a dramatic impact, include your curtains as part of your theme. Curtains can be a focal point and swapping out colors or changing their length can help refresh your space with minimal effort.

The Big Commitment

Looking for more than a spruce up to your living room design? Want living room ideas that make your living room feel like a whole new space? Here are a few ideas that can help transform your space from head to toe.

Bold Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a simple way to completely redefine your space and using scenic wallpaper that feels more like a mural will continue to be a popular trend in 2022. If you’re planning on a complete living room design overhaul, then it might be best to start by picking out the wallpaper first. Then, pick out living room décor that matches the vibe. That said, you don’t have to go too matchy-matchy. Reaching rainforest branches behind a neon-light sign or a vintage mural set off by some modern pieces can help your space feel unique and current.


Tone Shift

The most dramatic way to achieve this can be choosing only one color or tone and applying it throughout your space. That could mean things as different as going entirely grayscale or rolling with various shades of pink. A monochrome pallet offers unique design challenges, but it can also make creating a unifying living room design slightly simpler. If you don’t want to go for a full monochrome look, consider staying with colors that all belong to the same palette. Something like a gray, mixed with a gray-toned purple and steel blue may be the right balance for your living room design. Need some more inspiration? Here are more living room paint ideas.


Natural Impact

Another trend, whether you are looking to make big or small changes to your living room decor and design, is incorporating elements of nature. To do this, add natural wood pieces as tables or stands. You can also play with things like concrete, canvas, and burlap. For a more soothing feel, play off natural colors with greens, browns, and other colors that you might find in nature. Or opt for something more edgy, by contrasting natural elements with a more industrial look. This balance of organic and industrial can really help emphasize your modern living room decor. When all else fails, the easiest way to incorporate a natural impact into your living room décor, is to add an actual element of nature, like plants. Here are a few air cleaning plants that can not only liven up a space, but also make it easier to breathe.


Switching up your living room design can be a great way to keep your home feeling modern, but not all living room design ideas have to involve a complete overhaul. And it’s good to get inspired by trends, but don’t let the trends dictate your taste. At the end of the day, it’s your space and you should get exactly what you want from it.


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Published 12.09.21

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