Smart Home Automation to Make Your Life Easier

We know tech can make our life safer and sometimes easier, but what about using technology in home automation? Read on to find out all about Smart Home technology and discover the new must-have gadgets designed for seamless home automation. These products are what you need for freeing up your time and making your life more enjoyable.



Smart Home Automation Basics

Since we use technology in our cars and on our phones, it’s good to know how we can now use it in our homes. To start, lets cover some of the basics of smart home automation.


What is Smart Home Automation?

Simply put, smart home automation is the ability to set up systems within your home to automate functions such as lighting, climate, entertainment systems and more. The setup of a smart home allows you to control virtually everything in your home with just the touch of a button.


What do you need to set up a Smart Home Automation system?

Since smart homes rely heavily on strong WiFi connections, a strong signal is key. Generally speaking, you will want to make sure you have at least CAT-5e wiring in your house to be able to support a network strong enough for your smart home automation needs.


Every home Pulte builds is pre-wired with CAT-6 wiring and is designed to help support a Smart Home. This pre-wiring is much more efficient than what most of us are used to when we have to piece together wiring for each room of our house. Since the home is pre-wired, the efficient wiring leaves more bandwidth for your WiFi network and more flexibility for all of your favorite electronic devices.



Smart Home Automation Must-Haves

Smart Homes make for a more comfortable life. Here are our top picks for smart home devices and features:

  • Start with our robust WiFi so you can quickly and easily stream your favorite music, tv and movies throughout your entire home.
  • Add smart thermostats by companies like Nest and Honeywell that let you control the temperature of any room or your entire house from your smart home device.
  • Don’t forget the Amazon Echo that gives you your own personal assistant named Alexa. You can tell her things like, “Alexa, turn on all the lights.” to turn on your remote control lighting or “Alexa, play my music.” to stream your favorite songs.


How to Choose Home Automation Systems

When you’re selecting a home automation system, you want to keep the following in mind:


1.  Is it flexible? If you like to have the flexibility of picking items from different brands or manufacturers, you may not want to marry yourself to a proprietary system that won’t connect to your favorite smart devices.


2.  Is it easy? While you might only start with a few home automation applications like climate control and lighting, you may find yourself adding more things as time goes on. It’s important to make sure it’s easy to add the latest gadgets.


3.  What price do you want to pay? Depending on how many items you want to attach to your Smart Home automation system, pricing can vary greatly. Larger systems, like Mi Casa Verde Vera3 can handle up to 200 appliances, but costs around $300. Smaller systems, like the popular Amazon Echo or Google Home Hub both come in under $100.


At Pulte Homes, we design our Smart Homes for easy use. Setup is a snap, so in no time at all, you’ll be able to set up your home automation system and use the latest and greatest gadgets on the market.



Help Setting up Your Home Automation System

Technology can be a dream or a nightmare depending on if you have someone helping you with the setup. With whatever system you buy, make sure it includes personalized in-home assistance. You don’t want to be left alone in the dark with a bunch of instructions you can't figure out. That’s what gives technology a bad name and you a headache.


With the Pulte Smart Home Package, you'll get personal white glove service where a trained technician comes to your home for installation, setup and testing to make sure everything is working correctly and you know how to use it.


For Basic Smart Home automation systems, this trained professional can help by:

  • Connecting your garage door opener to your phone
  • Setting up your smart thermostat to control heating and cooling from any smart device
  • Installing remote flip door locks that you can control from wherever you are
  • Getting voice controls setup for all of your home systems


If you opt for a more Advanced Smart Home Systems, this professional can help set up:

  • Sound and music installed in any room
  • Home theater wiring
  • Additional USB outlets throughout the house


A key advantage of Smart Home technology is even when you’re away from your home you’ll feel comfortable because you’re still connected to your house and know that everything is working correctly. In the past, if your AC went out, you didn’t realize it until you came home to a sweltering house. Being a homeowner has just gotten easier with Smart Homes.



Flexible Technology for Everybody of All Ages

For those of you with kids and even grandchildren, you’re probably well aware that the younger generations that grew up with technology catch on quickly.


But now, Pulte has made things so simple that it’s easy even for novices to learn and use Smart Home technology. Additionally, since each Pulte home is pre-wired, it’s completely flexible. You can take tech as far as you want or just use the basics. Now it’s easy for home buyers to grow into new technologies.


And for those high-tech people who want a fully automated home, Pulte can do that too. From basic pre-wired and ready for anything to a full suite of smart home automation, the future is Smart Homes. To learn more, watch below.



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Published 9.24.19

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