What to Look for in a New Model Home

Today’s new model homes are designed to meet the demands of modern life. They provide innovative floor plans and integrate the latest technology for smart homes that work for you. The type of space that families need simply isn’t the same as it was 50 years ago. New model homes recognize this and offer more functional solutions while also providing a relaxing retreat. Here are just some of the latest features to look for in new model homes.


Virtual Design Tools

Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of working with a new home model is the opportunity to design every space according to your own needs and preferences. Software and design tools help to create interactive design centers that allow homeowners to easily play a larger role in making design choices that can be executed in real life. You can create floor plans, choose among different home elevation options and even experiment with furniture placement to find a combination that fits your personal style. 


Family-Friendly Spaces

As you consider different floor plans, it is important to think about how you use your space on a daily basis. Feedback from homeowners has helped to develop smarter home design solutions that are made for today’s life. Entrances have been expanded to include open storage for book bags, shoes and jackets. Instead of everyone dumping their things on the floor, there are designated nooks and hooks to keep everything organized.


Modern kitchens often include a multi-functional workspace that serves the needs of the entire family. There is plenty of space to do homework, pay the bills, enjoy crafting projects with the kids and much more. It is a great way to reduce clutter, stay organized and keep everyone involved in running the home.


Laundry rooms have also gotten a facelift and been moved from the basement to more accessible areas. Instead of just enough space for a washer and dryer, these rooms are big enough to create a fully-functional laundry center. You can wash, fold and iron all in one convenient location. There is plenty of storage space and cabinets so that everything can be neatly tucked away, but within reach when you need it.


Many master bedrooms suites are being expanded to include a private sitting area. This is another example of a flexible space that can be used according to your liking but provides a secluded retreat. This is the perfect spot to curl up with a book and enjoy some quiet time at the end of the day.


Fully Integrated Smart Homes

You can create an automated smart home that takes advantage of all the latest technology and is wired and prepared for the future. On the other hand, if you want to keep technology at a minimum, you can pick and choose the different features that you enjoy and help to make your life a little easier. Robust wi-fi will allow everyone to easily stream on their devices throughout the entire home and from there, you can connect as many of your smart devices as you want.


Integration will allow you to control everything from the home security system and heating and cooling to both interior and exterior lights. You can pre-program settings, make changes with voice commands or use your mobile devices to control practically every aspect of your home.

Not only will this create a more flexible and convenient home, it can help you be more energy efficient and reduce monthly utility bills.


New model homes can feature a smart hub that connects your home to the external network and helps to protect your network and keep all appliances working even when there is a glitch somewhere in the system. Discreet wireless access points mean that you can enjoy a strong signal in all parts of the home and larger devices and entertainment rooms can be directly hardwired into the system to reduce the load on the wi-fi. Finally, new homes will be wired with the latest technology so that they are ready for the next phase of smart home devices.


As you look at new model homes, think about how your family uses different spaces and how automation and smart home features may be able to make your life easier. Today’s homes can be customized to fit your needs with flexible, multi-purpose spaces and the latest technology. Pulte Homes can help you find and incorporate modern design solutions and technology for a smarter, better home. 



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Published 11.3.19

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