Smarter Home Designs

Pulte Homes’ unique Life Tested Home Design® features were inspired by actual homeowner feedback to create the best in livability. An Owner’s Retreat that gives you a daily dose of sanity. The Pulte Planning Center that’s near the kitchen and is a perfect place for homework. A Super Laundry with ample space for you to wash, fold, iron and more, all in one spot. Our homes have flexible, updated floor plans to make your life easier and more enjoyable.

Everyday Entry®: Stop, Drop and Store

Many of our new home designs have an Everyday Entry, a space-maximizing feature designed to keep your family organized with designated space to store bags, boots, and jackets when you arrive.

Pulte Planning Center®: Work Smarter, Not Harder

Managing a home isn’t easy. There’s homework to be done, emails to check and bills to pay. The Pulte Planning Center allows you to tackle all of these to-dos in one multi-functional space.

Owner's Retreat: Peaceful, Easy Feeling

Escape to your own private hideaway with our unique Owner’s Retreat. Just off the bedroom, this multi-functional space can grant you a quiet getaway or a space to get things done in peace.

Walk-in Spa: Relax in Style

What makes a bathroom work for the entire family? Find out from Pulte Homes.

Garage Plus: More Than Just Trunk Space

House more than just cars with a garage designed for larger vehicles and storage.

Family Room: An Open Invitation

The open, fluid design of our Family Room creates the perfect gathering space for family and friends. From holidays to the everyday, memories are made here.

Super Laundry: Master the Wash

Clean, fold, iron and more—all in one spot. The Super Laundry is specially designed to simplify your cleaning and keep laundry clutter away from the high-traffic areas.

Family Bathroom: The Ultimate Peacekeeper

The family bathroom can often be a battleground for space and privacy. That’s why we’ve designed a spacious Family Bathroom with the entire family in mind.

Abundant Storage: When and Where You Need It

Point of use storage and lots of it is key to an organized home.

Outdoor Living: A Private Oasis

Expand your living and entertaining space with an outdoor retreat.

Prep Kitchen: The Secret to Your Sauce

Impress your guests, but hide the mess with this hidden prep kitchen.

Oversized Pantry: Stocked & Ready to Cook

Get more storage space for your bulk groceries with the Oversized Pantry. Stock up on the things you need and access them with ease.

Imagine the Possibilities

June 2016 Pulte Photo Shoot - Oak Manor, Charlotte, Cropped 1240x1240Square
A Home for Everyone

Whether you’re an at-home gourmet or master of organization, Pulte Homes offers room options and configurations to fit your lifestyle.

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