Interior Design Trends: Accent Walls in 2019

If you're exploring interior design trends, you may want to consider an accent wall. They're a popular and easy way to implement interior design technique, created by making one wall in a room completely different than the others. Usually, a single accent wall will display a striking color or unique texture in contrast to the others.


Despite the easy implementation, the visual effects on your space will be stunning. In the past, accent walls were either paint or wallpaper, but that's not always the case anymore. Today you can consider a vast array of materials and textures to help you make the perfect statement with your interior décor.


Why Accent Walls Are a Great Décor Option


Accent walls are a fantastic design element that makes a significant impact on the look and feel of a room. You can use them in any room in the house, too. For those homeowners who love weekend projects, it's a DIY design technique that will make you look like a pro. Here are some ways an accent wall can help you achieve your decorating dreams.


Accent walls -

  • Help you create mood and tone
  • Attract attention in a room
  • Are perfect for displaying art or other works
  • Can make a small room appear larger
  • Can make a narrow room look wider
  • Add pizazz and spark to a ho-hum space
  • Can be done over a weekend
  • Deliver a significant change for little cash


Whatever your use, accent walls can completely change the look of your décor without a lot of time or cost. If you're considering using this design technique, let's look at some possible options.


Types of Accent Walls


There are different types of accent walls and techniques that you can apply to your interior design. Incidentally, you can use multiple accent walls, but pay close attention to your room's strengths and weaknesses. Light and dark colors manipulate the eye and influence the illusion of depth. This means choosing the wrong wall or applying this technique to multiple walls improperly can have a negative impact.


First, consider color. Dark accent walls make a space appear larger when applying the accent to just one wall. But, if you have more than one dark wall, it can make your room appear smaller. The same goes for warm colors; having warm colors on more than one wall creates a space that seems smaller and cozier. On the other hand, if you use a warm shade at one end of a narrow room, it will cause that room to appear wider, offsetting its narrowness.


Using color is one way to manipulate a room's dimensions. Another design element to consider is texture. Texture transcends color by creating or enhancing tone. Let's look at that next.



Stone Accent Walls


Stone accent walls are an example of using texture for impact. There are varieties of stone you can use, each with its own tone.


  • Ledgestone creates a modern, layered look that makes a room feel serene.
  • Slate is a more primitive-looking stone that lends a romantic feel to an accent wall.
  • Flagstone can be multi-colored, giving the space a rustic appeal.

Consider putting a stone accent wall in a shower or bathroom for an impressive, natural look. Or
make a statement in the kitchen by accenting a wall in an open floor plan. It's not hard to apply stone to walls, especially with veneer.



Wood Accent Walls


Whether you choose shiplap or reclaimed barn wood, wood accent walls say "rustic." They're an offshoot of repurposing techniques, where anything old is new again. When paired with the right lighting, wood accent walls can really make a statement.


Choose from whitewash colors to deep, earthy finishes to create the look you want. You can even design patterns with wood, like chevron or herringbone arrangements, for an enhanced style. These materials are available in a variety of forms. You can choose actual planks, veneer, or panel sheets. All are easy to apply, so your wood accent wall can be completed in a matter of hours.



Brick Accent Walls


This type of accent wall never goes out of style. Often used in urban or industrial decor, brick accent walls can be hip or romantic, but they always add interest. Sometimes brick is clean and uniform, but other times it's worn and irregular. It seems the more uneven and worn, the more character the brick adds. If you have an old house with a brick wall and dislike the look, paint over it. You'll have the use of color for dimension while retaining the texture of the brick.


Brick looks great on any wall, such as a living room, bedroom, or den. In the kitchen, it's a backsplash classic. Pale or dark and paired with stainless steel, brick accent walls add contrast, texture, and warmth to a kitchen.


Which Wall is Right for Your Space?


To decide which type of accent wall is right for you, consider what you already have to work with. If you've got the furniture, the motif, and the layout, your plan is simple. You match the wall to your decor through style and color, plus any restrictions or construction issues your room might present.


Once you have that, you decide which material fits the tone you want to create. Try to find images that correspond with the look you're into and line up your choices to find the one you like best. Give your options a few days to percolate, then pick the one that consistently wins your vote. If you need to, start the process again if you're not sure.


Want more interior design tips? Discover what 2019 color trend fits your style!



Contributed to Your Home blog by Carol Youmans

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Published 10.1.19

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