Choosing A Home Builder in Minneapolis

Due to the amount of new construction happening in the Twin Cities, finding an experienced and reliable custom home builder in Minneapolis can be a challenge. Attracted by the mix of large corporate businesses in the region, more and more people are moving here for good jobs and a higher quality of life. As a result, new home communities are being built to meet the growing demand. But how do you know if you’ve chosen the best home builder in Minneapolis? This information will help you decide which contractor could be right for you.


Gauging Build Quality

Foremost on the list of how to find the best home builders is quality construction. Along with comfort and style, you want your new home to last. After all, you plan to live there for a long time. As a home buyer, how will you know if the home you build will meet the standards you need? There are several distinct indicators you can use to ensure your home is built at the level of quality you expect. As you make your choice from the home builders in Minneapolis, here are a few things to look for:


  • Communication. This is the critical ingredient that will determine the success of your project. You want to know that your builder understands your needs and can deliver them. Is your builder easy to talk to? Can you get the information you need and do you get all of your questions answered? These are essential points.
  • Designs. View the builder's floor plans to see if you can picture yourself living in their newly built homes. Do the designs and features match with what you’ve been looking for? When looking at plans, ask yourself: “Is this my dream home?” If you say yes, you’ve got a winner.
  • Reputation and Customer Satisfaction. Research the builder. How many years of experience does the builder have? Have they acquired any awards for their work? Are they backed by other quality companies? What do past customers say about them?


As you research home builders in Minneapolis, look for things that you like, but also look for things you’re not so crazy about too. Later, when you review your observations, you'll be able to narrow down your list of best home builders more easily.



Builder’s Warranty

Another essential point to consider when choosing a home builder in Minneapolis is the builder's warranty. Find out what is covered and what is the duration of the warranty. A new construction home is a considerable investment in both money and time, but it’s worth it in the end when you move in. And make sure that your builder backs up their work with a strong warranty.



Custom Home Builders in Minneapolis

Some folks search for custom home builders Minneapolis because their lot is irregularly shaped or they want to highlight a specific beautiful view of their land, but there are also other reasons.


For example, you might have a family with several generations living under one roof. Let's say you're a couple with two kids, but perhaps your grandmother needs her own living area in the house. It’s not uncommon to have multiple generations living together. That is one example of a family who might be looking for custom home builders in the Twin Cities.



New Homes Being Built in Minneapolis

New homes are being built all over Minneapolis and Pulte Homes has numerous communities under development.


You can choose from neighborhoods like:


With Pulte Homes, you get Life Tested Home Designs which are developed from ongoing customer suggestions. Examples of these design features include private master suites called Owners Retreats, where parents can have a quiet place away from the rest of the family.


Another feature is the Stop Drop and Store Entryway where your family can stow umbrellas, coats, book bags, and keys when they come in the door. These design features make your home easy to keep organized and looking good, a joy to live in, and supports your productive lifestyle.


You also get Smart Home Features which make your home smart device ready by pre-wiring it during construction. Take advantage of the latest technology and make your home energy efficient and more comfortable to live in.


Make sure that whatever builder you choose, there are numerous floor plans to choose from, all of which are customizable to your tastes and needs. Would you like a den or do you need an additional bedroom? Would you like a game room or would a second living area be better? These types of flexible features are built into the floor plans making it easy for you to customize your home exactly as you need and want it.


If you are looking for a new home being built in Minneapolis, give Pulte Homes a look.



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Published 7.30.19

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