Why Should I buy a Smart Home?

You might have heard of smart home technology a few times. But what is a smart home and what are the benefits of having a smart home? Read on to find out and see if a new smart home might be right for you and your family.


What Exactly is a Smart Home?

A smart home is a home that has been set up to work with smart devices. If you’re working with new home builders, it could mean that your home comes pre-wired to work with these devices. Or you can use different smart home device options to make an older home compatible. In this article, we’ll review different smart home benefits and talk about how smart home technology can help make life feel more accessible. 


Smart Home Benefit 1: Added Convenience

Smart home technology can make life more accessible and convenient by helping people connect their devices to in-home technology. This technology can help power the lighting, electricity, and heat in your home. That means the ability to control your thermostat, for example, when you’re not at home. Or turn off a device you might have accidentally left on.


With smart home technology, you can also do things like remotely open your garage door or use voice commands to turn on and off the lights. You can even program your sprinkles using a smart home device, to make sure that your grass is always healthy and green.


Smart Home Benefit 2: Save Energy

You also use smart home technology to save on energy. By using smart home plugs, you can turn off the flow of electricity to everyday appliances—like your coffee machine—to stop them from draining electricity when not in use. Or you can use LED smart home bulbs to light your home more efficiently and control the level of brightness of your lights by using their dimming features.


You can also save on energy with smart home technology with the power to turn off lights that you might have left on by accident, with your mobile device.


Smart Home Benefit 3: Increased Security

Just like you can turn lights off, you can also turn lights on while you’re away from home. Using smart home technology, you can even program your lights to go on and off at a certain time every night. This is a great feature to use while out of town, to stop others from thinking that you’re away from home.


Another feature you can control with smart home technology is your door locks. You can use your mobile device to make sure you locked the door before you left, or to allow access to your home to a neighbor who is looking after your house while you are gone.


Smart Home Benefit 4: Have More Fun

Smart home technology is also a great way to enjoy more features in your home. Through smart home technology, you can set up an in-home theater system or enjoy distributed audio that can all be controlled through your mobile device.


When you work with new home builders to set up smart home technology, they can pre-wire your home to work with some of the latest devices. This could make your smart home technology feel even more accessible and intuitive.



Are Smart Homes More Expensive?

Now with all of these added benefits, you may be wondering if smart homes are more expensive than non-smart homes? Truthfully, the answer depends. From a pure cost perspective, building a new home with smart home technology built in may be more expensive to buying a similarly sized resale home. And, while some new home builders build certain smart home technologies into their home as a standard feature, upgraded features can cost more. Whether or not these added features are worth it, depends on a few things—like how much enjoyment you’ll get out of using them and how often you’ll have a chance to enjoy their convenience. That said, while resale homes without smart home technology may have a lower initial price tag, it can cost a considerable sum to add in all the features you need for a smart home, like CAT-6 wiring and WiFi extenders.


Although smart homes may be more expensive at the start, it is important to note that smart homes can save you money. As we have already pointed out, homeowners can use smart home technology to save energy in their home. In some cases, you can cut back on energy by up to 40 percent by investing in smart home technology—that’s a savings worth considering. To save the most energy with smart home technology, learn how to automate your home so you can save money without even thinking about it.


There are a few things that are good to explore when trying to make a decision on “Should I buy a Smart Home or not?”.  From understanding what a smart home is to understanding the benefits it has to offer, it is important that you evaluate all smart home technology has to offer, because, when you employ smart home technology properly, you can use it to help save time, save energy, and enjoy more benefits of smart home security.



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Published 7.15.2021

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