Cinco De Mayo Decoration Ideas: 5 Tips for Your Fiesta

Cinco de Mayo comes around every year on (no surprise) May 5th and, it’s a wonderful reason to invite family and friends over. The weather is getting nicer, and everyone is in the mood for some celebration and fun.

If you are thinking of having some friends over for a margarita or two, here are five easy Cinco de Mayo decoration ideas that will help make throwing a Cinco de Mayo party easy and fun!


Party Tip #1: Choose a Vibrant Tablecloth


When you are trying to decide how to decorate for Cinco de Mayo, it helps to pick a focal point. A great place to begin is with a beautiful bright tablecloth.

While, there are lots of different ways you can go here, generally speaking, as long as the fabric is bright and colorful, you are headed in the right direction.

Consider using some traditional Mexican colors like, reds, blues, greens and yellow to set your table, and explore different patterns. If you prefer a solid color, having a solid tablecloth with a vibrant runner is an excellent choice.

Another avenue to play with texture. Linen, especially in a solid color, has a rich weight and cool touch that is sure to impress your guests, and could easily be used later for birthdays or barbecues.

Easy-care cotton is another excellent choice. But, if you are expecting little ones, go with paper or plastic for the kid's table to make clean up a breeze.

Some of the best fiesta decoration ideas work well throughout the year. So, when you’re shopping, keep that in mind.


Party Tip #2: Make Cheerful Papel Picado

The words papel picado mean “perforated paper” and if you have traveled around Mexico, you would have surely come across these colorful banners decorating many walls and entrances. Consider bringing some of that Mexican flair to own party by buying or making your own papel picado to decorate doorways, tables, and more.

While you can find papel picado pre-made at a number of stores, it is easy and fun to make it yourself or, if you have children or grandchildren, have them help.

All you will need is several colors of crepe paper sheets, masking tape or string. If kids are helping, you will also want to make sure you have age-appropriate scissors available. The next steps are pretty easy, as you can find numerous color or template ideas on Pinterest to inspire your design and follow step-by-step videos to create your own work of art.

After you have created the banners, string them in prominent locations like the front porch and back patio. Having this cheerful handmade lace is one of the most popular Cinco de Mayo decoration ideas.


Party Tip #3: Create a Colorful Centerpiece

Another easy and colorful focal point to try is a centerpiece with an assortment of bright seasonal blooms like gerbera daisies. These brightly colored flowers make a striking impression.

Here are some things to consider when creating your own floral centerpiece:


  • Red, orange, pink, and yellow gerbera daisies go perfectly with the Cinco de Mayo party theme and can easily compliment your tablecloth or papel picado.


  • To add an extra “pop” of color, spread brightly colored confetti around the base of the vases.


  • To keep your flowers in tip-top shape all evening, remember to put them in water as soon as you bring them home and add a packet of flower food.


  • To prevent your gerberas from bending over as the night moves along, get some strong, clear drinking straws. Cut them to fit and place the stems in carefully.


And remember, you do not have to stop at the centerpiece. Make sure you buy extra daisies to display in your entryway and guest bathrooms as this can help spread the fiesta vibe throughout the house and create a welcoming entrance for your guests..


Party Tip #4: Wrap Serving Ware in Tissue Paper Streamers

It’s unbelievable the difference bright-colored streamers can make! When you are throwing a Cinco de Mayo party, streamers are a fun, fast way to transform a plain bowl from everyday to fiesta ready in just a few minutes.

To create this fun party ware that’s fiesta ready follow 2 easy steps:


Cinco de Mayo Serving Bowl

  1. Start with any color bowl. This trick works best for any type of dry food bowl, including chips, nuts, and popcorn, so pick carefully.


  2. Next, add streamers around the outside rim. Double-sided tape works well to keep the crepe paper in place.


Now you have an eye-catching tortilla chip serving dish that both kids and adults will love. 

Complete the ensemble by adding some pretty glass bowls nearby filled with your favorite salsa and guacamole.


Party Tip #5 Add a Dash of Color to Your Napkin Rings

Napkin rings don’t have to be boring. In fact, they can add pizazz to your table and become instant conversation pieces. For maximum effect, have your napkin rings tie-in with your tablecloth and other decorations. Create cheery napkin rings with bright tissue paper streamers, if you want something easy, or you can also use vivid colored silk flowers to add some color. If you are up for the challenge, keep an eye open when you’re shopping for your party supplies for miniature sombreros, burros, or piñatas. Then, transform a plain napkin ring with your favorite hot-glue-gun And, remember, your napkin rings don’t all need to match. Add an assortment for a touch of fun and sophistication.

The personalization does not have to stop there. Consider also bringing unique coasters (or wine charms) to the table. You can mix and match a wide assortment of bright colors and shapes so that everyone has their own to take home at the end of the night.


Cinco de Mayo is a wonderful time to get together with friends and family and flex your entertaining muscles after a long winter. Whether you are planning a big bash or a smaller fiesta this year, using these tips can help outfit your Pulte home’s flexible entertaining spaces for a noche inolvidable or unforgettable night!


Contributed to Your Home blog by Carol Youmans

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Published 5.3.19

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