Top Benefits of Smart Homes for Your Family

Lost signals, lost keys and forgotten light switches are some of the common nuisances that today’s families face. Between juggling work schedules, getting the kids ready for school, and attempting to live a life that isn’t plagued with chaos, these minor nuisances are a just the small challenges that every family has to deal with… or do they? Learn how a Pulte Smart Home and smart home technology can help you answer some of life’s everyday problems.

The benefits of a Pulte Smart Home are profound and the possibilities are always expanding. Every day, developers are working on technology to integrate into smart homes across America, making the possibilities of your new construction smart home truly endless.

Not sure a smart home is for you? Read up on the benefits of smart homes to learn all the ways Pulte’s new construction smart homes can help your family.


Energy Efficiency & Cost Effectiveness

Smart homes integrate energy saving devices and light fixtures to help save electricity, so we know they are designed to conserve energy. According to a study done by Nest, and verified by others, users of smart home energy-saving technology saved between 10-12% on their energy bills. This can equate to over $400 a year in savings for homeowners whose utility bill average $300 per month.

Smart homes can even go a step further. Consider the Pulte Zero Net Energy smart home. This home not only saves electricity, but has the capability to save water. By using low-flow toilets and water fixtures, and items like smart sprinklers, the home is easily adaptable to work in sync with other technology, making life easier.


High-Tech Safety

Smart homes also open a new door to the possibilities of home security. No longer do homeowners have to rely on outdated and expensive alarm systems to protect their home. Paired with the benefits of smart home technology, homes are now more secure and more convenient than ever. What makes this safety even more convenient? Well, no matter how far away you are from home, checking in is as easy as picking up your smart phone. Companies, like Nest, offer cameras that provide 24/7 live video both in and out of your home. Alerts are sent directly to your smartphone, and the videos stream in HD. Some cameras even offer night vision.

Locks are also getting a high-tech upgrade. Schlage Smart Locks, for example, take away the nuisance of fumbling of your keys, and allow you to enter your home with your smart phone—never leaving you with the question “Did I forget to lock the door?” For parents whose children may walk home from school, this nifty feature not only ensures that they’ll never be locked out, but also guarantees that they're safely locked in.

And for when you do not know if you should answer the door, Ring Doorbells have helped to revolutionize the next generation doorbell. Their lineup of smart doorbells allow homeowners to “answer” the door without ever getting off the couch. Fitted with motion detection, live video, and two-way communication, these smart doorbells allow users to speak to anyone who approaches from their phone or tablet.

Not to be outdone, even garage doors get a smart home lift. The Liftmaster Smart Garage Door Opener revolutionizes your standard garage opener and brings total control to your smartphone. In addition to checking if your garage door is closed, you can turn lights on and off, open and close gates, adjust the thermostat, and even connect to home security cameras. With Liftmaster’s connectivity, your home is accessible no matter where you are.


Cool Factor

The best part about smart home technology is that the possibilities are forever expanding, and let’s face it: smart homes are cool. Assuming your home has the backbone (i.e strong, fast internet connections) to support all the newest features, your new construction smart home will come with the capability to evolve as your life changes by taking over a multitude of everyday tasks.

For example, closing the shades can be done from the comfort of the couch. Lutron offers smart shades that can be controlled remotely via an app, can be scheduled, or can even be controlled with Alexa or Siri. These shades are loaded with features and offer the flexibility to customize your home while saving you money on heating and cooling.

Decora Smart Lights by Leviton ends the fear of returning to a dark home by bringing your home’s lighting control to your smartphone, allowing you to program and switch on and off the lights of your entire house from a single app, or with your voice.

And let’s not forget the “coolness” of voice control. The Echo by Amazon has taken the futuristic concept of voice controlled technology and brought it to modern day times. With the Echo, users can operate an array of smart home features simply with their voice. “Alexa”, Amazon’s name for the voice-controlled interface, can do everything from lock your doors, to order a pizza for the family. Not only can Alexa complete various tasks for you, but she also serves for entertainment purposes. In addition to telling jokes, Alexa also has streaming capabilities, allowing you to stream music, or listen to podcasts with room-filling sound. With a quickly growing list of things that can be synced with the Echo, the possibilities for a voice controlled home are virtually endless.


With ever-improving advancements in smart home technology, the benefits of smart homes provide a never-ending list of exciting features and perks that are sure to not only tantalize homeowners and their guests, but also save them money and make family life easier and more seamless.

Still want to learn abot Smart Homes and Smart Home Automation? Visit our Smart Home FAQ.


Contributed to Your Home blog by Joshlin Grayson

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