Why Wilmington Might Be the Perfect Coastal City for a New Home

Tourists come to Wilmington, North Carolina, to relax and appreciate its southern charm, but residents stay for the hospitality and thriving culture. This flourishing city offers a coastal lifestyle without breaking the bank and is just one of the many reasons it’s worth considering a new home in Wilmington, NC. Join us as we take a look at all this fun city has to offer.



About Wilmington

Beach towns are expected to have a particular culture with a laid-back vibe. Now imagine a beach town with a southern flair and the intersectionality of a port city. Founded on the Cape Fear River’s banks, Wilmington’s historic role as a port city created a rich history and a thriving downtown. Settlers shipped goods down the river while imported goods moved inland. At one point, it was the largest city in North Carolina.


During the Civil War, Wilmington was an essential staging area and was one of the last Confederate ports to fall. Trading, exports, and the shipping industry remained vital to Wilmington’s economy up through World War II and since the 1960s there has been a push to help preserve the area’s history via historic renovation efforts.



Wilmington Weather

For new homeowner’s in Wilmington, the weather is overall quite pleasant. Residents enjoy mild winters with an average high of 56° and an average low of 36. The area sees minimal snowfall, averaging just an inch each year. Summers in the coastal town are warm, and overall the area sees lots of sunshine, with 216 sunny days per year, compared to the US average of 205 days. September usually is the rainiest month.



Wilmington Cost of Living

With the cost of living on the rise, many people want to live in affordable places. Beach towns often aren’t considered affordable, but the good news is Wilmington is overall cheaper than the average US cost of living. According to the cost of living index, housing affordability plays a big part in Wilmington’s score as the median home cost for a new home in Wilmington was slightly cheaper than the US median. Other important items, like grocery and utilities were also slightly less while transportation costs were significantly lower than the rest of the United States, making this charming coastal city a great, and affordable place to call home.



Proximity to Myrtle Beach

While Wilmington offers its own beaches, sometimes it is nice to get away. Myrtle Beach, another a well-known beach town and golfing destination is around 75 miles from Wilmington, with the drive taking roughly an hour and a half, depending on the traffic in the route taken. With convenient access, Wilmington can offer a great home base for other beaches up and down the coast, so why deal with tourist traffic on a daily basis, and instead opt for fun and relaxing day trips?



Wilmington Beaches

But, if you don’t feel like making the drive to Myrtle Beach, have no fear. Living in Wilmington has many advantages when it comes to relaxing by the water and three of those are Carolina, Kure, and Wrightsville Beach. Enter a whole new world of sun and surf with a short drive.


Carolina Beach’s authentic beach town feel is accented by its a scenic beach side boardwalk. Fishing is a popular activity here. Kure Beach is a natural playground, with miles of protected shoreline at the Fort Fisher State Recreation area. A visit to the historic Civil War-era fort is a must. Wrightsville Beach is easy to get to and is a popular as a surf destination. Enjoy the abundant water sports activities or have a classic island vacation at one of its beach boutiques and resorts.



Things to do in Wilmington

Wilmington is not short on activities. Naturally, the beaches are a popular draw, but there’s more to Wilmington than miles of blue water. Here are a few leading Wilmington attractions:


#1- Riverwalk

The downtown Riverwalk is the heartbeat of the city. Spend a day strolling the two miles of the boutique-lined Riverwalk. This Wilmington attraction is a jumping-off point for so much of what makes the city fun. Enjoy riverfront dining, green spaces, art and music, and more.


#2- World War II Battleship North Carolina

Not every person can say they have stood on the deck of a World War II battleship. Explore the ship on a tour, see the galley, the engine room, and the crew quarters. A visit here is something people don’t forget.


#3- Jungle Rapids Family Fun Park

When you need something a little different from the beach, this family-friendly water park offers entertainment for all tastes. Besides waterslides, a wave pool, and a lazy river, there’s a laser arena and go-karting. On rainy days, bring the kids to its an indoor playground and arcade.


#4- Fort Fisher State Historic Site

Located in Kure Beach, this Civil War Confederate Fort is now a historic park. Time and erosion have taken their toll, but visitors still see some earth fortifications and remnants of the battery. A restored gun and placement stands on top of one of the batteries. For an ultra-experience, try one of the costumed guided tours held throughout the year.


#5- North Carolina Aquarium

Get up close and personal with the creatures under the sea at this top-rated aquarium. Visitors can touch stingrays, take behind-the-scenes-tours, or book an outdoor adventure. Try the surf fishing workshops with equipment provided.


#6- Airlie Gardens

Stroll the expansive 67 acres of formal gardens, decorated with centuries-old oak trees, sculptures, and waterways. The gardens are home to North Carolina’s largest Live Oak, a commanding 128 feet high. The gardens also run a summer concert series and twinkle with holiday lights in the winter.



As you can see, there’s a lot to love about the coastal city of Wilmington, North Carolina. Wilmington has even more things to do, with an adventure available for everyone, whether it’s water sports, family-friendly, historical, or retail therapy.


For this reason, and more, Wilmington is easily one of the best places to live in North Carolina. The low cost of housing and the high quality of life makes the city an attractive area to call home. Ready to make a move? Pulte’s team of Wilmington home builders are ready to help you find the perfect new construction community for you and your family.



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Published 2.4.2021

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