Why New Braunfels is the Perfect City in Texas Hill Country

Conveniently located between San Antonio and Austin, the picturesque city of New Braunfels, TX, is rapidly making itself known as a fun weekend destination as well as one of the best places to live in the Texas Hill Country.


It is only fair, as New Braunfels attractions cater to all tastes and ages. The food scene is thriving, thanks to the numerous eateries, festivals, and a growing concentration of breweries and wineries in the vicinity. It is also the perfect place to beat the summer heat by tubing, swimming, or fishing in the Comal and Guadalupe Rivers, while thrill-seekers head to Schlitterbahn, one of the best water parks in the country. Nature lovers will relish hiking and exploring the wild beauty of Hill Country. And yet, despite its growing popularity, New Braunfels' cost of living remains surprisingly affordable.


It is no wonder this charming town is on the radar of Texas home builders and those looking to relocate. If you would like to find more about why New Braunfels may be the place you have been looking for, keep reading!


What is Texas Hill Country?

Located in central Texas, Texas Hill Country covers roughly 31,000 square miles and 25 counties, sitting upon the Edward Plateau. Texas Hill Country is renowned worldwide for the rugged beauty of its limestone hills and its numerous springs, rivers, and lakes. Despite the proximity of San Antonio (in the south) and Austin (in the east), Hill Country is primarily a rural area, scattered with small lively cities like New Braunfels, TX.


The Texas Hill Country has a strong ranching and farming tradition. More recently, Hill Country has also made its name one of the centers of the wine renaissance in Texas. There are now 50 wineries and counting in the region, attracting over 2 million visitors every year and offering a full range of award-winning wines.


The Texas Hill Country is a favorite destination among campers, hikers, RV-ist, and nature sports lovers. With its charm, wild beauty, and countless activities, Texas Hill Country is a beautiful place to call home.


Why Choose New Braunfels?

With 70,000 inhabitants, New Braunfels allies small-town appeal with the bustle of a much larger city. It remains true to its German heritage while embracing Texan culture to its fullest. The city has known tremendous growth in the past ten years, increasing its population by 58 percent, and it is easy to see why. With its affordable cost of living and proximity to big cities like San Antonio and Austin, it offers the best of both worlds.


Cost of Living in New Braunfels

New Braunfels' cost of living is one of the primary appeals of this charming city. Unlike Austin, where prices have risen considerably in recent years, the cost of living in New Braunfels remains aligned with the national average. Housing costs are 12 percent above the national average due to the growing demand from those relocating to the area as an alternative. However, the median home cost remains affordable at $260,700 compared to the national average of $231,200. Homes have appreciated by 44.7% in the past ten years, making purchasing a new home in New Braunfels, TX, an excellent investment.


Other typical expenses – such as groceries, entertainment, or health - remain at or slightly below the national average.


Proximity to Large Cities

Another significant advantage of living in New Braunfels, TX, is its proximity to two major cities in the region. Both Austin and San Antonio are easily accessible through I-35. Although San Antonio is slightly closer, they are both within commuting distance and offer a broad range of amenities, including shopping, airports, and job opportunities.


San Antonio

San Antonio is located about 30 miles away from New Braunfels, or a 40-minute drive. New Braunfels, with its sprawling housing, is often considered a suburb of its southern neighbor.



Austin is located about 50 miles away from New Braunfels, TX, which makes for less than an hour drive depending on traffic.


With fun activities year-round – especially once the summer heats up – the new homes for sale in New Braunfels, TX, are undoubtedly one of the greatest places to be in Texas Hill Country. If you are ready to find your new home in New Braunfels, be sure to check out one of the Pulte communities in the area.



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Published 1.6.21

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