Top Winter Attractions in Denver

Looking for things to do in Denver come wintertime? There are plenty of Denver attractions to choose from, and thanks to a mostly mild climate—you can enjoy a lot of these activities year round. Combined with the surrounding Denver area, there’s always something interesting going on. Here are a few thought starters to get you going, though.


Enjoy Sunrise at Red Rocks

Known for its amazing, scenic views and infamous concerts, Red Rocks is a popular Denver attraction that’s worth the trip almost any time of year. Just ten miles west of Denver, this open-air amphitheater, built into a rock structure with a seating area for up to 9,525, has a top row that sits at approximately 6,450 feet above sea level. Construction of the amphitheater began in 1936 though it wasn’t opened to the public until June 1941.


For a small fee, you can enjoy the sunrise over breakfast on a guided tour of the area. The tour includes about a 70-minute hike, which is rated as easy. You’ll also have the opportunity to mingle and listen to some history of the area (bonus: there are dinosaur tales involved).


Brewery Tour in Littleton

On a cold winter day, put your blistering hands beneath your bum and sip up a chocolatey porter with your K9 best fried at Living the Dream Brewery. This Denver area attraction is located in Littleton, Colorado. You’ll find plenty of new home builders in Littleton, and the master-planned community of Sterling Ranch, which is only about a half-hour away from other things to do in Denver.


The brewery is dog friendly with a patio and beer garden so you have plenty of seating options. They also have a different food truck each night, which means a fun variety to enjoy (you can check their website to see the food truck schedule). In addition to a variety of craft beer options, they also offer gluten-reduced beer options, kombucha, and soft drinks.

Glacier Hike & Geothermal Cave Pools

Worried about getting a little too cold during your exploration of Denver’s winter attractions? How about a little geothermal heat to warm you up? Say what, now? Okay, they are essentially just hot springs, or natural bodies of water that are heated by—get this, radioactive decay? Yep, you read that right. Straight from the Earth’s mantle, the layer just beneath the crust, to your now warm toes. The water itself is typically heated by circulation through magma, also known as molten rock.


Sound toasty? Try a tour then, that involves a hike up St. Mary’s Glacier and straight into the caves containing geothermal pools. The hike is about 1.5 miles round trip, so it’s perfect even for the novice hiker. Not to mention that those heated pools will have your muscles perfectly relaxed in no time. As part of the tour, you can even get transportation from Denver proper, which is about an hour away. The whole trip ends with pizza, made local and fresh.

Custom Woodwork Class

Need a day to get crafty that doesn’t involve the outdoors in the middle of winter? Fair enough. If you’re looking for some particularly unique things to do in Denver and its surrounding areas, then you might be interested in this woodworking class that offers you the opportunity to make different pipes. You’ll get to pick out your wood from an assortment of hardwoods both natural and dyed, then have a chance to assemble your pipe during the workshop, cut, carve, and even engrave it if you like, before polishing and finishing it off.


The class takes place in Aurora, Colorado—another popular community for new home builders in Denver. There you can find the Aurora Highlands, a master-planned community that’s an easy commute to Denver Tech. Parks and trails have been built into the community there, so you can enjoy the great outdoors of Colorado without having to go too far from home.



There are plenty of things to do in Denver and a mild Denver climate makes it easier to access some of Denver’s top attractions all year round. But even on the colder days, you can still find a nearby activity that will stimulate your mind and get you out of the house.



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Published 11.12.2021

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