Things to Do in Denver During the Fall

Ready to embrace the fall weather, rock your new sweater, and sip some cider? We’ve got some ideas for where to start. From free events in Denver to Denver festivals, explore all the fall activities in this epic city that are worth checking out.


Free Events in Denver

Let’s start with something we all love—free. There are all sorts of free events in Denver to check out.

Take a Hike

Okay, if you live in Denver already then this is a little obvious. But if you don’t, even if hiking isn’t your thing, you can hardly call a trip to Denver complete without full appreciation of the good old outdoors. And yes, we’ll get into the other cool things you can do outside with much less effort. But hiking is a great entry-level activity for fully experiencing the outdoors. And the fall is the perfect time to enjoy something more physical without having to break a sweat.


Let mother nature work its magic on you at outdoor hotspots like Roxborough State Park, St Mary's Glacier, Dream Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park, Devil's Head Fire Lookout, or Castlewood Canyon State Park. These areas are all great for beginner hikers and some of them offer views that will make it worth your effort. If you have a gym membership, then look at it this way: it’s a free activity and a free workout. That’s pretty unbeatable. And you’re going to feel so darn brave and proud afterward.


Level it Up

Does hiking sound sort of basic to you? Alright, challenge accepted. Go rock climbing instead. And before you freak out, rock climbing is pretty accessible in Denver. You can try a beginner class at Denver Climbing Company and learn all the basics you’ll need to get you over that first hump. One of the best perks of rock climbing? There is nothing more rewarding than the view at the top of the mountain.


Go on a Hunt for Dinosaurs

In terms of top fall activities in Denver, it’s pretty hard to compete with dinosaurs. There are no live dinosaurs to be found, of course. But you can pretend like you have no idea what you’re getting yourself into when you pay a visit to Dinosaur Ridge. Located in Morrison, which is just outside of Denver, and fully open through the end of October, uncover the 150-million-year-old bones of Apatosaurus, Stegosaurus, and Allosaurus—first discovered in 1877. There are also 100-million-year-old rocks bearing dinosaur tracks that could lead all the way to New Mexico. All of this is for free at the outdoor museum and visitor center.


Live a Day as a Settler

Experience what life was like in Littleton between the 1860s and 1890s with this living history farm that offers hands-on exhibits. Do you have what it takes to be a blacksmith? Curious why they say, “sleep tight and don’t let the bedbugs bite?” Find all of that and more at Littleton Museum. Plus, join in on the museum's Harvest Fest, which is held in October. And once you’ve taken care of the kids, treat yourself to a tour at the nearby new home construction site. See what new home builders in Denver have been up to at Sterling Ranch.


Festivals in Denver

From apple picking to flying pumpkins, there are all sorts of fall festivals to check out in Denver during October. That includes the Littleton Harvest Fest, mentioned above, where you can find Halloween pumpkins, enjoy wagon rides, carnival games, and other fun activities, and find quaint, fall backdrops to capture the perfect photo.

Another popular Denver area festival is Cider Days, now in its 45th year of operation. The event includes tractor pulls and vintage power displays, wagon and barrel train rides along with other children’s activities, historic demonstrations, and a unique variety of exhibitors and vendors. Plus, discover everything apple – including apple pressing, apple cider by the glass or gallon, Apple Annie’s Baking Challenge, and more.

Or if being active is more your thing, there is also the Denver’s Fall Festival in Central Park in November. It includes a 5k in honor of Luke Morin. And while plenty of other Denver fall festivals abound, don’t forget about one of the city’s biggest attractions—the Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater. There, you’ll find plenty of regular activities that are perfect for fall weather and even a few music festivals.

If you’re new to Denver or just considering moving there, these free events in Denver and Denver festivals might offer you the encouragement you need to make the final step. And if you’re worried about not being able to find the perfect home that brings you close to it all, you might consider Pulte new homes in the Denver area. With Pulte, one of the newest Denver home builders, you’ll find customizable options and a 10-year structural warranty to put your mind at ease.



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Published  9.29.2021

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