Choosing a New Home Floor Plan in 2021

Ready to find your ultimate floor plan but not sure what type of floor plan is right for you? Are you open to open floor plans? Or looking for something with a flex room? Here are what floor plans in 2021 are looking like, with a few tips on how to navigate them.

What’s the purpose of a floor plan?

A home floor plan is the first bit of life to a home. It shows vision, creativity, and—perhaps the most ideal place to put a couch. But not all floor plans are built the same and all new home builders probably take slightly different approaches to how they develop their floor plans. There is, after all, a lot to consider. At Pulte, the focus is more life built-in. But what does that even mean?


Well—life built-in should reflect people’s actual lives, right? And with Pulte, it does. All Pulte floor plans have been curated by years of feedback from customers, and we never stop listening to what our customers prefer or don’t like. With more than 70 years of building experience, that’s a lot of opinions to consider. But that also means that we’re that much closer to perfection every time.

Navigating open floor plans

Most floor plans in 2021 are considered open floor plans—but before you get too concerned, that doesn’t mean you won’t get any privacy. Typically, an open floor plan refers to the living, dining, and possibly entertainment area. Open sightlines in these spaces allow you to multitask, laugh with friends while you’re making drinks, or finish up work while your partner cooks dinner. Plus they’re great for parents trying to keep an eye on their kids. 


That’s not the only reason why open floor plans are popular, though. They also allow for more light into your room and create the sense of a larger space. But this can come with its own set of challenges. It can be hard to organize an open floor plan, for example. And harder to hide a mess. The good news is that most open floor plans become more traditional in the bedroom area, so you’ll still have all of the walls and doors you need to experience the type of privacy you want.


Finding floor plans that include flex rooms

Flex rooms are a popular addition to many 2021 floor plan designs. That’s because having a home that’s flexible enough to grow with you, is pretty important. At Pulte, flexible spaces include our Everyday Entry® and Pulte Planning Centers®.


Our Everyday Entry is something like a mudroom. Because we’ve all been there—coming home to backpacks, shoes, and jackets piled on the floor. That’s why we locate our Everyday Entry feature just off the garage, to provide a dedicated area for life’s stuff as soon as you walk in the door. Bags, shoes, umbrellas…they’ve got a home, so you can enjoy your home—clutter-free.


The Pulte Planning Center is a little different. Our planning centers make it easier for you to complete everyday tasks. There’s homework to be done, emails to check and bills to pay—and our homeowners told us they needed an area to tackle all of these to-dos. So we designed the Pulte Planning Center with these hard-working homeowners in mind—a unique, multi-functional space that gives you a place to manage your busy life and stay organized. From a home office to the ultimate craft space or designated homework area, the planning center was designed to be exactly what you need it to be.


And that’s exactly what flex rooms should be. Smart, well-thought-out spaces that help make your life easier—but also offer enough flexibility to be adaptable to you and your life.



There’s plenty more to designing your own home, but the floor plan is truly where everything starts. When shopping for new construction homes, be sure to find a floor plan that works for you and your family. And keep some of the things we’ve mentioned above in mind—like the need for a flex room, so you always have all of the space you need to grow.




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Published 8.27.2021

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