Choosing a Home Builder in Riverside

The city of Riverside, with its population of about 324,722, is only 60 miles west of Los Angeles and conveniently located near Orange County and San Diego. This SoCal region is known as the Inland Empire and offers plenty to do nearby, besides city life. Within an hour you can experience the outdoors with camping and beautiful beaches. And don’t forget all of the nearby exhilarating amusement parks. If you love this part of Southern California and are considering new construction, check out a few of the top Riverside new home builders. The best way to see the quality of a builder’s work is to visit model homes. That way, you can find the right builder with the designs and floorplans that fit your lifestyle. Read on to discover more, including what you need to know about the home building process.


Steps in Building a Home in Riverside


To appreciate what Riverside home builders do, you should know a little bit about the steps in the home building process.


1.  First, you'll need to decide on a floor plan and choose a lot.

2.  Lot preparation begins, including the pouring of the foundation.

3.  After that, is the completion of the framing, plumbing, and electrical systems.

4.  Next is the installation of the roof, drywall, windows, flooring, and cabinets.

5.  Outside is the pouring of the driveways and walkways.

6.  Inside is the completion of the finishing trim, fixtures, and mirrors.

7.  The final touch comes with the outside landscaping.


Those steps are a summary but imagine if you tried to build a house on your own. All of these steps would have to be done and coordinated by you, and the costs would be significantly higher.


When you work with a Riverside home builder who has developed a planned community, the home building process becomes much simpler. They're the one who obtains permits, orders the materials and gets the work done. Your only job is to decide on customization options and inspect the process along the way. Plus when you're careful to choose a quality home builder, with a homebuilder warranty, you'll have peace of mind knowing the work and materials are guaranteed.


Riverside Home Building Costs

The next thing to think about is home building costs. Generally, a custom home built on acreage or a single lot is the most expensive because in addition to the construction costs you have to develop the land. Plus, it’s a challenge to find desirable–yet affordable- buildable lots in Riverside. On the other hand, if you purchase a home in a planned community, the developer has already purchased the land, has put in the roads, utilities, and has the lots ready to build on.


Not only that, larger building contractors can offer many items as standard that you’d think would be considered an upgrade. An example of this is the latest in energy-efficiency or smart home technology. That’s because they have more buying power and can offer you higher quality at a lower cost than a smaller company or single contractor. Fewer changes mean more money in your pocket, which is excellent news, especially if you’re on a tight budget. If you do make any changes in the basic model, plan them wisely. Make sure you’re choosing features that will increase your home value. And when it comes time to consider financing, ask your builder if they offer any home loan incentives–that’s another way to save thousands of dollars.


Check that your contractor is an experienced California builder. otherwise, there can be surprises and problems that increase home building costs. Use a reputable company that stands behind their work with a written warranty. The most significant advantage of choosing an established builder with decades of experience is that you minimize problems and unexpected expenses.


One of the other significant things that can affect the cost of your home is design and floorplan. You can make your budget go so much farther when you choose a builder that has the modern floorplan you need. That in itself will save you money because you’re not making significant changes to the design. To discover what would be the best floorplan for your lifestyle, see a variety of model homes with your family and get everyone’s feedback.


Here's a list of new construction in Riverside you should visit:

  • Cloverdale Estates - one and two-level single-family homes, centrally located in Eastvale.
  • Windsor - offers a family-friendly community with one and two-level single-family homes in Menifee.
  • Brixton - provides affordable single-level family-friendly homes in Menifee.


Riverside Real Estate Market

Another thing to consider when choosing Riverside home builders is the real estate market. For the past 50 years, Southern California has been a proven market for successful real estate investing.


In 1970, home prices in the region began to accelerate and cost 80% above the national average. By 2010, they were twice as much as the national average, and today, homes in California are 2.5 times higher than the US average.


Riverside has seen an influx of new businesses in the past few years. Amazon recently moved to Beaumont, creating new jobs and a stable income base. That momentum is forming a thriving economy in the Inland Empire.


Another factor that’s creating a real estate boom in Riverside is the high-priced market in Los Angeles. So many people in LA would love to buy opposed to rent, but they can't do that in the city. Now, only 60 miles away is the dream of homeownership and affordable housing. Riverside's real estate market is expected to remain healthy, with a forecast of 8.9% growth in the coming year or so.


So, what are you waiting for? See what Riverside home builder Pulte homes has to offer!



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Published 10.14.19

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