A Checklist for Building a Home in the Nation's Capital

If you dream of building a new home in the DC Metro and are looking for information on the home building process, you're in the right place. The real estate market in the nation's capital can be challenging unless you know where to look. The more you know about new home construction in the DC area, the easier it will be to turn your dream into a reality. We'll take a look at what's involved in building a home, from floor plan to move-in, so you can be better informed. You can then use your new knowledge to explore DC home builders and make your new home dreams come true.


#1 Finding the Right DC Neighborhood

First, let's look at the location of your new DC home. Today, the average home price in DC is just under $620,000. The market is stable because prices have appreciated nearly 300% since 2000. However, some of your home building costs are dependent upon the neighborhood you choose and the price of the land.


To figure out what DC metro area is right for you consider your family's needs and proximity to popular recreation like Ocean City and the incredible Atlantic coastline. You will want to find a good neighborhood that fits your lifestyle and tastes and that doesn’t mean you have to live in the city. Many people in the DC metro area opt to commute instead of living directly in the District, proving that it is possible to live in outlying areas and make it back and forth to work relatively easily. Commuting to Baltimore or the DC metro from a beautiful new home outside the city is a feasible reality.


Another tip to consider as you researching DC Metro neighborhoods in your price range is to ensure you have access to good schools and healthcare. You also want to be sure that crime is minimal, and that safety is not a major concern. That's a significant advantage of new-construction communities because many are gated, so they offer a higher level of security.


Here are several of the best places to live in Maryland, including communities in and around the DC Metro, Baltimore and the popular Ocean City.


#2 Designing Your Washington DC Home

Premier DC home builders offer a portfolio of home plans and options. You pick the floor plan that fits your family's needs and budget. To determine your optimal floor plan design, it helps to sit down with your family and make a wish list. Go over the list and write out the basics like the number of bedrooms, square footage desired, whether you want a single story or two-story and if you prefer an open floor plan. Once you've figured that out, then expand on your list. Make it as detailed as you like and include options like these:

  • Gourmet kitchen
  • In-home office
  • Guest room
  • Large pantry


Once you have these features in mind, visit the DC home builders communities that fit your needs the best. Many of them have their floor plans online. Sit down and identify which is the perfect home plan design for your family's personality. Then look at how you can customize. Once you see models and floor plans you like–visit their open homes. Take the whole family and make it a fun outing.


#3: Choosing a DC Home Builder

When it comes to comparing contractors and narrowing down your choices, there are several things to consider. It's essential to make your choice on a wide range of characteristics, including the home building process, rather than home building costs alone. The average home price in DC has remained constant over the years, which means some builders compete only on price and are not likely to be concerned with quality. Be alert that low-cost builders possibly won't provide a written home warranty


Ask yourself which DC home builders have:

  • New home communities in your desired area
  • Planned communities with the amenities you want
  • Flexible floor plans that fit your family's lifestyle
  • The custom features and upgrades you need
  • High-quality homes within your budget
  • An excellent reputation and years of experience


Once you have the answers to the above questions, you'll most likely see a clear winner.

We hope this article has given you more clarity on the home building process, home building costs, and what's important to you in a new house in the nation’s capital. Building a new home is a big step, and at Pulte, we try to make it as smooth for our customers as possible. 


To find out why Pulte is one of the premier DC home builders visit our new homes for sale in the DC Metro.



Contributed to Your Home blog by Carol Youmans

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Published 10.21.19

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